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Acnotin(accutane ) progress

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So far . i'm doing good , no new cyst , blackheads and whiteheads starts to appear . skin is not considered dry , and side effects are not severe . barely any side effects .... a few pimples dry off . completed one week and 2 weeks more to go till i see the derm . red marks are healing ... applied yogurt every morning as long i'm on accutane , hoping the red marks go off along with acne . therefore i do not have to wait another 2 or 3 months after accutane for the red marks to disappear . Doing very welll will keep you guys posted =) CHERIO





Starting on accutane day 4

i suffered severe , severe!!!! acne since 17 , and initially it healed when i was 20 , not a single zit or any cystic acne on my face , i got clear baby skin, i get compliments from girls . benzoyl peroxide was working fine . anyhow 21 now , cycstic acne came back , and it is terrible ,,, i was totally depressed and i do not even dare to look into the mirror , i thought i was eating the wrong food or maybe using the wrong face wash , and then i gave up , i did not want to take accutane when i was 17 reading about the side effects , it was pretty scary ... But now without hesitation i went to the derm , i told her everything that even topical treatments aren't working any more . she prescribed me with 10mg perday , i weigh 70kg . DAY 4 NOW . i hope i'm doing okay ... the low dosage did not caused me any harsh side effects yet ...2 pimples came out .. i dont know if it's the IB ... My goal is to have clear skin by march or mid february , i'm giving it 3 months or 4 ....