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A journey to get rid of my acne and introvertedness, I want to be happy again!

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Day um...one? I don't know if this is normal, any help is greatly appreciated! =)

Ok, so the day before yesterday was my day one on the Regimen. I had read about it and was very hopeful that it would work, so I got myself an OTC 2.5 % Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac AC) And for the face wash and moisturizer I decided to use my daughter's newborn cleansing lotion as well as moisturizer. I was going to get Cetaphil, but to be quite honest, I have a ton of creams and face gels and economy's been tough around the house, so I guessed newborn baby lotion should be gentle enough, that's the whole point of the regimen, right? About being gentle? So anyways, I went ahead and washed my face as the regimen says, super gently and really foaming the lotion, then waiting for the face to dry before applying the pea sized drop of BP very smoothly over the skin, and then waiting again to apply the baby moisturizer. So I did this at night, nothing odd, no pain, nothing. I was pretty happy, went to bed. Next morning I get up and my face is really matte and soft, a nice flush on my cheeks that I have never had. Seriously, I felt over the Moon! So I go ahead and repeat the regimen, as gently as ever, wait for it to dry and apply a little bit of sunscreen (Neutrogena...I can't remember the name but it's supposed to be mattifying or something) which totally balls up on my face, btw, but I try to blend it as gently as possible in order to go to my exercise class. At the class, y face really sweats, which is rare on me, I hardly sweat at all but I still feel great and my face has a more pronounced flush. After this I go take a shower and my face starts to feel tingly, but nothing too odd, so I wait until after dinner to do the regimen again and that is when it really starts to burn, also, my cheekbones start to show this rash and my skin looks a bit inflamed. Normally, the pores on my cheeks don't show dramatically, but by this moment, the skin there looks like that of an orange, like, super big pores! So I say to myself, this burning will pass, wait for the moisturizer to dry. But it dries and an hour later the burning is still the same, if not worse. My face feels tingly and burning, but when I touch it, it's as if has no outer sensation, I don't know if that makes any sense (?) Anyway, I wait for another hour or so, and my eyes are watering from the burning feeling. It feels as if my face had been out in 3 pm sun without sunblock for five hours straight. Seriously, not cool. My husband, now really worried runs out to get me aloe vera gel, for sunburns (because I tell him that's how I feel) and as soon as I put it on, I feel some relief, but the burning comes back after 10 min or so. I put on the gel a couple more times without result, so I just wash the BP off. By this time, my face has no sensation whatsoever, I couldn't even feel the temperature of the water. (is this normal?) So that was yesterday. Today is night again and I don't know whether to continue this or not. I don't know if this is normal or an allergic reaction. All I know is my skin is now super itchy and dry and peeling but still inflamed and red. It burns when I smile or make any facial movements. Can anyone please help me? I have had cracked skin before due to BP but that was the Clearasil 10% and I know it's a very high concentration, but I wonder if that could have created an allergy. I really don't know. Can someone please tell me the difference between normal sensitive skin reaction to this regimen and an allergy to the BP? I thank you beforehand. Hope you all have a wonderful, acne free day!!




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