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Ending acne through diet, supplements, quitting picking, and gentle acne-fighting skin care

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Day 12

Aloha! Well today was an okay day... I woke up with two new pimples (It's due to be TTOM like, tomorrow though so I'm blaming it on that). The one was just a little whitehead which came out easily, and the other was something strange and small which I also gently sorted out a few minutes ago (oops...) I didn't cause any damage though! Otherwise, I have a little scab on my forehead at the moment, and some other light marks which I still don't like. Suppose I'll jsut have to be patient! I'm not really getting anywhere so far, sigh... So, the new vitex I got is actually not what I thought it was but seems good anyway... Its "PMT RELIEF" from Greenridge - liquid form. It contains 1333mg of vitex per 4ml (the recommended dosage is 8ml per day, split morning and evening, but I'm going to just take 4ml in the morning, because I feel its a bit much to take twice especially since I've only been taking about 400mg per day till now). It also contains oat seed and st johns wart, and it says on the bottle that it helps hormonal acne, so lets give it a shot! Today I had my last bit of old vitex, zinc, fruit salad for breakfast, some apple juice, later some mixed berries, I cheated and had some chips (only a little and they were the maize kind). I had wholegrain toast and egg for lunch, and I'm having veggies and some sausage for dinner. Overall not abad day diet-wise... I need to cut down on the refined stuff and quit cheating with things like that cookie yesterday. I'm almost 100% sure that probably helped along the two new ones I woke up with this morning... So, I'm clear except for marks now I guess... I hate how sometimes doing something about the damn spots works, and other times it makes it 1000 times worse! How do you know which way it's gonna go??

Day 11 and 12

Whoops I slacked again!! Day 11 Wasn't such a good day... I can't really remember what i ate, except that it was fruit salad for breakfast... Yes I know that's not very helpful... i did take my vitex and zinc though. I had some veggies and potato for dinner though. I've decided I'm going to stop taking Niacin because it seems to be messing with my stomach, and it's not actually helping my skin one bit... =/ Disappointing but true unfortunately... I also picked on this day... on my forehead =/ There were three teeny whiteheads, one a little larger than the others, and that one I managed to turn into a little wound. otherwise, looking good... the oens on my cheeks are near to gone now! Day 12 What I ate: Oats for breakfast, didn't really have lunch, but had some chips, and a biscuit, some apple juice. Will only be having salads for dinner, maybe some fish. I also remembered to take vitex and zinc this morning. My vitex is running out so I ordered some new ones - a slightly higher dosage one, which also contains vitamin B6 for PMS. The vitex actually seems to be helping. I'm ont breaking out as badly around my period as I used to! So holding thumbs that the higher dosage will make it even better! Skin status: I didn't get any new breakouts today, and the thing on my forehead seems to be looking better - not too bad. Overall, not bad not bad... Still don't like the marks though!!

Day 9 and 10

Oops I've been a bit slack with posting these past two days! Day 9 Well on this day I peeled off the scabs gently, and there was some pink skin, and I could see it wasn't totally ready to be exposed yet, lol, but it seems to heal faster if I do that... So I had two reddish/pinkish marks that were at least a little easeir to cover with makeup. I didn't get any new active ones. Unfortunately I can't quite remember what I ate, but I did have homemade pizza friday night, which did have some cheese, oops... I didn't pick! YAY! Day 10 Yesterday the pink/red marks were much better and had faded to lighter pink. I did get two tiny little whiteheads on my chin, which I didn't exactly leave alone, but I didn't do much damage really. I had fruit for breakfast, and one plain biscuit with rooibos tea later, and had salmon on crackers with egg, tomato, pickles etc for lunch. I also had some corn chips. Didn't have dinner, so no major sins there lol

Day 8

Wow time flies! I'm past the 1 week mark already! So today was quite a good day... I cheated a little with some yummy stuff, but I seem to be okay as long as I really limit it, and don't overdo it. Of course things like chocolate are a huge no-no though... Skin status: No new blemishes at all. The two scabs are still scabs and haven't really changed at all, lol... I'm hoping they'll be more dried up tomorrow morning, and even more so by tomorrow evening, cos I'm keen to gently peel them away and see fresh light pink new skin again... finally! Otherwise, my skin is looking good and no complaints! What I ate today: I had fruit salad for breakfast, and my vitex, forgot zinc lol. I had some leftover pasta with my own homemade tomato sauce, with some goats feta cheese in there (I don't actualyl know if this will break me out, so we'll see. Apparently most people don't have trouble with goats cheese). I had some chips (BBQ ghost pops YUM) later on, oopsie... And for dinner I had some stew, all good and healthy! And of course, my niacin. I had lots of rooibos tea today, some apple juice, and a lemonade (cheat, I know - quite sugary). Let's hope for the best! NO PICKING TODAY, YESSS!!

Day 7

So... today was a good day, I guess, except for the aftermath from yesterday sitting on my two cheeks.... I enjoyed using my C&C Cleanser again - I coulf feel it working, and I'd missed that - the Benzac really felt rather.... flat.... Skin status: I have no knew breakouts (YAY!) But those two buggers on my cheeks are horrible and so damn depressing! The larger one of the two has sort of scabbed over now, and the one on the other side seems to be in the process of deciding whether or not it wants to scab over. I hope I'll be left with only two healthy spots of fresh new skin by the weekend! Holding thumbs! The rest of my face looks pretty good, can't complain! I just hope my new strategy with the spot treatment helps to prevent anything like this happening again! What I ate today: I hdad my vitex and my zinc this morning, and for breakfast I had oats with honey. I didn't have any snacks except for peanuts. I also had some fresh apple juice. For lunch I had a wholegrain snadwich with pickles, lettuce and tomato (healthy healthy!), and then for dinner I had pasta with a nice veggie/tomato sauce. Then, I took my niacin. Today was a good food day!

Change to Skin Care Regimen

So, I've come up with a very simple little strategy to help me with the skin picking, and I also went to pick up some cleanser because I ran out of the Benzac wash. I decided that I'm going to go back to my good old tried and true Clean and Clear Continuous Control cleanser (5% BP) - something I've used on and off for years, and something that has always worked awesomely. I've tried Benzac, and it works, albeit not as well as C&C, so I'm going back, and sticking with it this time! It never got me 100% clear, but it kept me around 95% clear, and it made breakouts I did get disappear quite fast - something Benzac really doesn't do - it only prevents. So I now have a brand new, shiny purple tube of my favourite cleanser and boy have I missed it! I don't actually know why I stop every time... the search of something "even better" I suppose? I also picked up a tube of C&C Skin Balancing Moisturizer to go with the cleanser. I've used this before, and it works pretty well. It also has a teensy bit of Salicylic Acid in it, which may or may not help. I know I know, I'm strange, but I'm an absolute perfectionist, and a little obsessive when it comes to using different products together. I have to use products from the same line together, I just CAN'T mix n match! Yes I know it's silly... Now, my little strategy for stopping picking! Along with these two, I also picked up the Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Treatment. I've never really used a SA spot treatment so I hope it at least helps a little. But anyway, my idea is to - each time I go to pick at something, put a little of the spot treatment on it instead, so that I still feel as if I'm doing something. This way I'm counter acting the action of picking, with something helpful rather than destructive. I know its a simple and silly idea, but it might just help! I don't plan on applying this every day all over the place, because my whole idea with skin care is to keep it simple, and not irritate my skin using leave-on gels and creams all over, such as the BP I used for such a long time. I know the C&C Continuous Control cleanser irritates the skin of many beacuse of the menthol, but my skin has always loved it, so I'm actually looking forward to going back to my good ol' buddy tonight! For now I'm just leaving my crushed zinc tablet remedy on the wounds I created for 10min at a time throughout the day - I know that speeds up the healing... Sigh, why must I always punish myself like this! Anyway, wish me luck!!

Day 6 actual log

So, as you know, I screwed up again yesterday, and here I'm sitting with a cm in diamater size wound on each of my cheeks. I thought I was doing so good, but then all of a sudden I just cracked, and those ones didn't even look bad at all before I messed with them! They were hardly visible. Ah well, I just gotta keep trying! Skin condition: Oh boy, I hate this... Well, no "active ones" as such, but, I have two wounds, one on each side of my face on my cheeks, which I've covered up with makeup. They're sore, a little swollen, and red. Ugly. Yuk. I also have a little mark right between my eyebrows now, which was also a nothing I messed with. And then, there are all the other old marks which are old news to me now. What I ate: For breakfast I had fruit salad, my vitex and zinc. I had some roasted peanuts and dried cranberries for a snack, and I had tuna salad for lunch. I also had some leftover jelly, oops. Then I had potatos, salmon steak, and fresh salad for dinner. Overall not a bad day with food. I also took my niacin.

Day 6

I picked.... end of story... I don't even want to post today!




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Day 5

Grrrr! I hate PMS breakouts! Well I at least hope that's what this is... I've been a bit lenient with my diet too these past 2 days though, but something gives me the feeling it's not that anyway... Skin status: Well I've developed about three or four tiny whiteheads on my left cheek, (one if which I popped gently and is disappearing fast now, and theres still the bugger on my other cheek from yesterday. That one hasn't become any bigger though, so it seems leaving it alone and putting TTO on it is helping. Actually my skin texture is looking really nice despite those few visitors, but I still hope they clear fast and that it doesn't become any worse. I haven't picked today at all, except for that little whitehead, which hardly counts =D. Picking to me is causing damage, or messing with something that's clearly not ready to be messed with, going totally overboard. What I ate today: I've been a bad girl lol... Well, I had oats with honey for breakfast, and I had my vitex and zinc. For lunch I had a healthy wholegrain sandwich with cucumber, tomato and mayo. BUT, I had some of my (impossible to resist) salt and vinegar chips (oops) and I had some rasberry jello (double oops)! At least not dairy, so I hope my skin will forgive me! For dinner I'm having malaysian curry with lots of veggies and no meat, so that should be fine =D And then I'll be having my Niacin! So, I'm not doing TOO badly... I'm pretty sure these breakouts are pms ones, and they're actually little, and not very visible, so if I leave them alone they should be gone soon. Oh I almost forgot - I did a proactiv refining mask a little while ago before my usual cleansing routine. Hoping the sulphur will speed up the lifespan of the little buggers on my cheeks. I don't plan to do this often, maybe just once a month when I know I'm likely to break out, twice a month tops - at ovulation time. I really don't want to start applying a myriad of products again and irritating my skin. Ta-da! There we go... wish me luck! So far not too bad, but I must clean up my diet again from tomorrow!

Day 4

Two steps forward, one step back? Sigh... =/ Skin status: Well, it seems that little bit of dairy and sugar has decided to take just a little revenge! Well either that or the fact that TTOM is coming up... Luckily nothing terrible yet, but a little bugger has planted itself on my lower cheek, near my mouth. It's not that visible yet, and I've poisoned it with some tea tree oil tonight so I hope it'll zap it before it gets any worse. I've noticed one or two tiny tiny skin-coloured bumps too coming up on my cheeks, but nothing I'm really worried about. I messed up a little today as well, with a couple of blackheads on my chin. Seems as soon as my skin is looking good I get the urge to make it bad again even when theres nothing there! Now I have a few little red marks on my chin. Nothing horrific, but still, I was hoping I'd last longer than this. Otherwise, still looking up! The mark on my cheek is fading, and its not very visible anymore, and the one on my forehead is pretty much gone! What I ate today: I took my vitex, and I had fruit salad for breakfast. I had a cup of coffee later, with rice milk and honey, which usually is safe for me as long as I don't do it too often. For lunch I had some salads and some crumbed fish, so nothing bad there =D And for dinner, I made a nice pot pie with beef and veggies, and some salad on the side. I substituted the milk with rice milk. The only bad bit is a teeny sprinkle of cheese on top, but its really hardly any, so I doubt that'll do much. I also remembered my Niacin! =D Oh well, honestly I can't complain.... It's looking good regardless of the one or two little blemishes. Wish me luck! I do feel as though I'm getting there... =D I must admit my skin is way way happier with the simpler skin care routine. It's calm and normal coloured, lol... instead of read and dry, I do like that! Almost makes me not mind getting a few blemishes as much!

Day 3

So, day 3 out the way and things are looking good! Skin status: Pretty much clear at the moment, YAY! I expect to start breaking out soon though, because its just over a week till that time of the month... The monster on my cheek's scab came off, and its just a pink bit of skin now which is awesome. The mark on my jawline has also faded a little, and then i still have a few other marks from old blemishes. The small active one on my forehead has disappeared now... One looked like it was gonna appear just next to my nose, but that one was zapped with a drop of tea tree oil and is out of sight now! =D What I ate today: Breakfast, I had my vitex, forgot to take the zinc though... Had oats cereal with honey for breakfast, with rice milk. I had one shortbread biscuit with some rooibos tea later (oopise). For lunch I had salads (carrot, tomato, lettuce, cucumber), some boiled egg, and potato salad. For dinner I had a sandwich with leafover lamb chop and mayo on it. But, I gotta see if the Niacin is gonna work its magic now, cos I had some of my favourite cola flavoured sweets a friend brought me for my birthday last week lol... scoffed the lot, whoops!! I did remember to take the Niacin, if that helps =p Well so far so good! Now I must just hang in there and see if the dreaded monthly breakout makes its appearance!

Day 2 - Update

Just a quick update on the evening of my second day! Skin status: The little monster on my cheek is looking better, and its pretty much a scab now, which I don't like, but it's better than anything sore and inflamed. I hope it loosens and falls off soon! The little scab on my jawline has come off and there is just a little fresh pink skin there now, which I'm happy about. No new active ones, and there is no change on the small one on my forehead. The pink mark on my forehead is fading quite well and is hardly noticeable now. Overall since starting the gentle regimen (Just washing with BP washing and then moisturizing), my skin is SO much happier! I'm not breaking out any more or less than I was when I was applying lots of BP twice every day, but my skin is no longer red, irritated, itchy, or dry - it is a little more oily but to be honest I prefer that to the horrible red dryness I'd been dealing with before. My skin isn't bad enough to actually need that kind of harsh treatment. What I ate today: So, today my diet has been pretty good, not perfect, but not terrible either. I had the honey on oats for breakfast, my zinc supp. and my vitex. Then for lunch I had organic peanut butter and homemade kiwifruit jam on wholegrain bread, some grapes, and a muesli bar (quite a healthy one without any bad stuff like chocolate). I didn't drink anything but water and a glass of rice milk. For dinner, I had two tiny tiny lamb chops, some fresh carrot/pineapple salad, some potato with mayo salad, some tomato/cucumber/lettuce salad, and some banana with condensed milk salad (I know this one isn't so good, but I'm hoping it won't do anything, since it wasn't a lot at all). So lots of little salads pretty much lol =D Oh and I just took my Niacin! Oh, and no picking today! YESS!

Day 2

So, things aren't looking too bad this morning. It's quite a "good" time of the month for me, so not really much active, but I do still have my screw-ups sticking around from my itchy fingers =/ I have one tiny one on my forehead that's not really bothering me - it's not even visible to the human eye (except for my eye of course lol) And otherwise its just healing marks now. I have that little monster on my cheek which is no longer swollen this morning, but has a bit of a light brown scab over it (sorry for being so descriptive =p), and its slightly raised, but not really inflamed anymore so I'm leaving it alone. I also have the little scab on my jawline thats smaller today, and not bothering me too much. And then I have the light pink mark still on my forehead, but it's looking way better and hardly visible now. Then there are the usual marks on my jawline and lower cheeks from previous little buggers - overall, not bad, no new break outs this morning! I took my vitex, and had oats with a little honey for breakfast, and am oging to take my zinc when I'm done typing this. Lunch is going to be some grapes, a wholegrain/wholewheat sandwich with organic peanut butter and jam (I know, a little sugar, but I want to see if I can at least have some jam without causing trouble, after all its not chocolate or a cookie, lol) Might also have a nuts and raisins held together with honey "Naturals" muesli bar, but I'll see about that one. Not sure what's for dinner tonight yet, but hopefully something dairy-free since my mom is doing the cooking this time... =) Will update again tonight!

Whoohoo! Received my Niacin in my postbox today!

Just a quick update: I received my niacin in the postbox and just took my first dose of the Solgar No Flush Inositol Hex. bound 500mg. I don't look or feel any different, lol =D An update on picking: I did pick a little during the course of today, but gently, hoping to drain this stupid bugger on my cheek because I knew if I didn't it'd stay for ages now that I'd messed with it. I also applied my topical crushed zinc tablet dissolved in water concoction in between for 10min at a time to try and avoid it getting to red or inflamed, and it seemed to help. I think I've finally drained it now, a little bit at a time, because the swelling is going down quite fast, and it doesn't feel nearly as painful to the touch anymore (YESSS!) Now, I am going to stop. There's no reason for me to cause anything like this again. It's hard to believe that this little monster was just a pale pink, uninflamed flat spot yesterday morning =/ I really am such an idiot. Also, I stuck to what I said I was going to eat today, and did consume anything unhealthy! Yay! Another thing to any fellow CSPers who may be reading this - besides for getting support on this site, try talking to a loved one and ask them to help you through quitting. I recently told my boyfriend about my problem and he's been very supportive, encouraging me and asking me regularly how its going. It's very helpful and motivational so try it! Even if it's your sister or your mom =)




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Day 1

Hi everyone! So here I am, starting a brand new regimen that I plan to STICK TO for 60 days, and I plan to be clear by the end of it, whether my skin likes it or not. To give you an overview of what my skin is like: My acne is very mild, consisting mostly of pustules, and other small pimples, as well as some blackheads. I get breakouts around ovulation time, and the week before menstruation, as well as one or two pimples in between. Chocolate breaks me out BIG TIME, and i think I might well be allergic to it. If I consume lots of sugar, I get acne on my forehead. If I consume lots of dairy, I get acne on my cheeks and jawline (hormonal). Most of the time, I get pimples on my lower cheeks, and on the area of my cheeks next to my nose, as well as on my chin and jawline. I also scar easily and have some light red marks on my lower cheeks and jawline. I usually have about 3-4 pimples on my face at a time, which actually don't look bad, but I have a bit of a problem that makes things much... much worse: CSP (Compulsive Skin Picking) - I can't stand imperfections, and I get obsessive and perfectionistic about anything I see on my skin. The "easiest" way to end this would be to just not have acne anymore, but I know I must practise self control and end it before my acne ends, so that I know I've conquered =D So, what I know breaks me out: Chocolate Sugar (forehead) Dairy (cheeks) Hormones (chin, jawline and cheeks) What I'm going to do about it: I will not eat any chocolate for the next 60 days. I am going to eat as little sugar as possible. I am going to eat as little dairy as possible. I am going to eat as little refined and highly salted foods as possible, including crisps, cookies etc. I am only going to drink rooibos tea, water, and occasionally (if I go out) fresh fruit juice. I am going to take 500mg no flush Niacin (inositol hex.) every evening after dinner for the next 60 days. I am going to take zinc 15mg every morning for the next 60 days. I am going to take Vitex every morning on an empty stomach forthe next 60 days. I am going to wash my face gently for a few minutes every morning and evening with Benzac AC 5% wash, and moisturize with Cetaphil moisturizing lotion as needed. I am going to spot treat any pimples with tea tree oil/10% BP. I am going to stop picking. End of story! I am also, to the best of my ability, for the next 60 days, going to log what I eat here every day, as well as the status of my skin, and how no-picking is going. I hope that this will show me what is causing my acne, and that it will give me the ability to be clear. Why? Because in 60 days, my long distance boyfriend is coming to visit me for the most epic holiday of our lives, for the first time in nearly 2 years, and I want to be clear and confident when he comes. =) Wish me luck! Skin status: Today, I have one active/picked pimple on my cheek next to my nose. It is about 1cm in diameter, and pinking, swollen, and slightly painful to the touch. I have a small healing scab on my jawline, and I have one healing light pink mark on my forehead from a blemish I messed with about a week ago. I also have 6-7 light marks on both my forehead and cheeks/jawline from small previous pimples. What I've eaten today: This morning I took my vitex, and my zinc, and I had fruit salad for breakfast. I later had 1 mug of rooibos tea, and took 200mg of my dad's flush Niacin, since mine hasn't arrived yet. I had a flush which was quite fun, lol. I will only have a salad with tomato, cucumber, pickles, olives, and apple cider vinegar dressing for lunch, and I will have couscous with a tomato sauce, along with some stir fry vegetables for dinner.




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