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UGH One day you think its finally getting better, youre finally smoothing out and looking more like you than just a face full of acne...but the next day its back to normal. more spots popping up...and my spots dont just go. they linger and linger for months and then gradually reduce in size and just leave a red mark or a scar. Im so jealous of all the pretty girls and perfect models. Cheryl Cole is like God in my house; my housemates are obsessed with her and it just reminds me how inadequate and rubbish i am compared to her-or anyone for that matter. it annoys me when people like vanessa hudgens promotes acne skincare because shes clearly never had a spot in her life. Had a really bad skin day today...one of those days where you think everyones staring at you. but its not you theyre staring at its your spots. I hate this xx