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accutane day 12

Hello All! Everything is going good so far. The tummy pain seems to be going away. My face or lips haven't been that dry. My skin seems to be getting used to the med. I haven't really been breaking out that much. Just a few pimples here and there and the old ones drying up. I still have all the little ones that are like hard balls under the skin. I have only had maybe 3 cystic since starting the tane. I apply the aquaphor every night to my lips and under eyes after washing with cetaphil. My face is not that oily right now. Can't wait to finish my first month course. I am really seeing some great improvement. I have been wearing a pink tinted lip gloss these days! I never used to like any red colored lip gloss because it looked like it was drawing attention to the red pimples I had around my mouth! Ugh Well anyway everyone take care and good luck! Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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Day 8 Everything is going good so far. I have not mentioned this yet but I have been getting a burning feeling in my tummy. It only happens for a few min but it literally feels like my intestines are burning( weird huh? ) I have been trying to take plenty of water with my pill to see if that helps. I have never had these pains before but I am sure it will go in time. My skin is finally turning that famous red that I have heard so much about. It is also getting a little dry ( not to bad ). Just feels like after a day at the beach like a little warm and slightly red. My lips have not been to dry yet. I have noticed my skin other than on the face is less oily. On the other hand my face has been really oily for a few days. I have been trying not to look at or touch my face. My skin also looks slightly swollen around my pores. It is hard to explain but nothing very noticeable. My worst part of my face has always been my forehead and all around my mouth. I get like 100 tinny tinny pimples on my forehead and bigger cystic pimples around my chin and mouth. Sometimes they stay for months! URGH. I just want my skin to feel clean and refreshed. I don't have crazy expectations or anything with accutane. I would be happy to just get a few pim at a time instead of a whole pile of zits. Well anyway there are my thoughts for the day. Everything going good so far and def no symptoms that would make me stop. Oh and I am still using the Cetaphil ( typo ? ) . cleanser and cream. Working good! Oh and I bought some Aquaphor and geeze that stuff is expensive!!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!!

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Day 6 Accutane log Doing good so far. A little dryness on the lips and a few new pimples. So far nothing major. I have been feeling tired lately due to a chest cold but I am hoping it goes away soon. No aches so far as some have had. I hope my treatment continues without any big problems. I am very confident about this med so I haven't really even been looking at my skin. My skins texture seems to be improving with the cetaphil wash. I think some of my acne may be from the harsh washes I have been using. i would like to comment about a few other treatments that I have tried that worked some what and hopefully may help someone who does not want to take the accutane road. The 1st one is tazorac. I use tazoroac about 1 1/2 months before starting accutane and saw major results until I ran out of the med and skipped about a week of using it. Tazorac is a great treatment if used on a regular basis. I would recommend starting at the .5 strength and increasing to the 1.0. Once my skin got used to it I would slather it on like crazy and it worked like magic . It did get worse before it got better but if you are patient you will see big results with taz ( I highly recommend for light to med acne ). I was only on it for a 1 1/2 months and was completely clear. By the time I ran out I was already set up for accutane so I just decided to take it once and for all. On the fence about accutane give taz a try! It is the next best thing! The seccond is one is BP. I recommend to slather it on like crazy! lol If it is your first time using it just apply thin layer until your skin get used to it. Your skin will get dry just like with any acne med but it will go away when your skin get used to it ( about a week ). I figured this out way before i heard of the dans regimen. It works wonders if you use a lot of it. If you decide to go this route make sure you have like three tube of bp just to make sure you don't miss a day of application. Slather Slather Slather it works !Remember to use it at night too. It really does work if your acne is not too severe. Works best for light to moderate. I would also suggest applying a lip balm and remember not to apply close to the eye. Use with a gentile facial cleanser because harsh stuff can cause irritation to the skin and acne! Be careful around clothes because BP can bleach fabric! I stopped using the methods Because I hate creams and have little to no time for beauty. I need a quick fix like a pill or I will suffer for ever. Plus I have a small baby and she loves to kiss my cheeks ( shes so cute ) . She gets sad when I say no no kissy mommy has pimple cream on her face! lol She throws herself to the floor and starts crying and it is so sad! She is so loving and she loves to give kisses. I hope these tips were helpful! Good luck to everyone !

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Day 4 Accutane

No dryness yet. My skin has been really soft lately due to the cetaphil wash. Skin is very oily and hair too. I am so excited to see results. It has been so long since my skin has been clear. I have the type of acne that is like hard puss that forms bumps under the skin. If I try to squeeze the hard thing out I will get a cyst there. My forehead is filled with small pimples that contain hard balls too. I hate this OMG. I will be posting some pics as soon as I figure out how.


Day 3 Everything seems to be going good so far. Had a slight headache today but maybe because I skipped breakfast. Duh! LOL Anyway my skin was super oily this morning and my pores look larger. No dryness or peeling yet. I wonder if I will get an IB? I am hoping to have my face looking a little better by Christmas. It may take affect on me a little fast since I was on tazorac the month before starting and my skin purged. I did not realize how bad my face really is until I took some pics yesterday. It looks so dirty and ewwwww ! I see some people with acne and they still have nice skin around it but mine just looks so dull and shabby with a bunch of marks and dark spots everywhere ! Yuck! Well anyway I will keep whoever wants to read updated. If anyone needs some support I am here.

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Day 2

Day 2 I am feeling so good today. Already took my 20 mg pill for the morning and will take another 20 mg tonight at bedtime. Had a pretty pretty pretty good ( larry david) lol. sleep last night with no complaints. I have been feeling a little quezy since the first pill but will probably subside after I get used to it. I have been drinking a lot of water with my pill and after. I have no dryness yet but I am sure it will come fast. I am so happy today knowing I am on my way to clear skin. I don't care how bad it gets I will continue! Yea end of day two with no bad news to report. I will probably be getting some dry skin withing the week? I am going to be updating daily and hope to meet some fellow acne fighters! Don't be shy I love to hear from you and if you have advice please send it my way. I was wondering when the dry skin starts. I am also going to post some pics of my skin now and update weekly for those who are interested. The acne I have now are small but many and I also get big deep one that take forever to go away. It seems to be getting worse over the years and the more I want it gone the worst it gets! UGH The worst part is that it make me look dirty and greasy! Ewwwww Ugh I just hate it! Thanks for reading!

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here i am day 1

Day 1 First accutane con: Getting the script is a pain! So far so good! I have never wrote a blog before so this is a first for me. So let me start out by writing a little about my acne journey. I started to develop acne around age 15 and it slowly went from small pimples to cystic over the years ( I am 24 now ). I have tried everything from proactive to tazorac ( And everything in between). So now after considering accutane for years I am taking the plunge. I have been very scarred with all of the thing I have heard to start this drug but the benefits are just to great to not give it a try. I am now on day 1 so lets see how this goes ! I am taking 20mg twice a day and washing with cetaphil cleanser and also using the cream. If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading and I will be updating daily with my progress!
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