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About this blog

I am starting this to talk about my experience with yaz and spironolactone

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I just wanted to keep track of my progress using a combonation of yaz bcp and spiro. So, to begin, I have mild-moderate acne. Always ranging between clear skin an a messed up face. Right now its more on the messed up side I have struggled with acne since I was about 14, and tried a great deal of products. RetinA was the worst and literally destroyed my face. So my doc put me on birth control pills which is the ONLY thing so far that has made any sort of difference. I also use proactive which I am not sure makes a difference or not. Anyways now I am 20 years old and still breaking out so today I went to my doctor to ask for accutane but she said no, and put me on spiro instead. Only 25 mg. a day though, which I have heard is not that much. So here is what I have today -1 tiny pimple scar on my forehead -1 biggish dead pimple on my right cheek -another biggish dead pimple on my upper right side of face -scarring on my right side -left side pretty clear