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It has happened. After fighting adult acne for 4 months straight, I've been allowed by the doctor to go on accutane. Finally. I have been waiting for this day. A little history - I'm 22, female, 110 lbs. After having my boyfriend confess to having been in a relationship with me for my dad's patronage, I went into a severe emotional and mental meltdown. I'll explain why. I thought I would marry this person, since he would constantly talk to me about marriage, starting a family together, kids, etc. I believed him because I loved him. I know his parents love me too, I've known them (and him) for many years. Well, it wasn't meant to be. I cried for days when all this happened. I hardly slept, hardly ate. In other words, I was literally going to die because I really had feelings for this person. And 2 weeks after this happened, I broke out - horribly. I've never broken out like that ever in my life. I've always had a pimple or two, nothing serious ever. And now I had angry inflammed pimples all over my face. I ran to the dermatologist. Cried in her office for about an hour. Having been prescribed all the usual stuff - Doxycycline, Differin, BP and zinc - I went home thinking that it would be ok from here, since she's a doctor, she must know what she's doing, right? Well, I guess she does have a medical degree for some reason. Having used differin for about 3 weeks, my acne got worse. I started breaking out heavily on my chin and on my forehead. While taking doxycycline, my forehead seemed to be ok, but right after I stopped it - my acne came back. My chin - that was another story. It kept developing and developing under-the-skin whiteheads until literally they covered my whole chin, erupting one by one into huge pustules and sometimes even cysts. Should I start to mention that I've never had cystic acne before? Well yeah.... Anyways, to make a long story short, I went through facials and facials and facials. To anyone who lives in San Francisco, I can say that Mirsada Kurtovic changed my life. She cleaned me out like no one has. She is an amazing woman. Too bad I can't go see her every week (I'm in Chicago, so its a little too far), but if anyone needs a good facialist/acne consultant there, I strongly advice you to go see her. My acne has been classified as being extremely mild. Right now all I have bothering me are tiny pimples on my forehead. But its bothering me to the point where I've become antisocial, don't like going out too much. Thank God its winter, I can wear a hat. I also have spots from previous breakouts on my chin and cheeks, but they will die down soon and disappear, so its alright. Have a few whiteheads on my chin and cheeks as well. Nothing terrible, but enough for me to dislike my reflection. Moreover, I was diagnosed with PCOS just a little less than a month ago (15 cysts on my right ovary). I've had 2 cysts before in my life, but never this many at once. I'm extremely nervous about this whole situation, so I am in a vicious cycle: stress => more hormonal imbalance adding to what I already have => more forehead breakouts. I'm taking an anti-androgen birth control pill (serving me the purposes of dealing with PCOS as well as qualifying me for iPledge)... Basically, because my acne is so mild (i have around 6 or 7 tiniest pimples on my forehead, some of which have been plucked by the derm and are now red, so maybe they are not pimples at all)... I'm starting off with a very low dose: 10 mg every other day for 20 days (one blister) in order for my body to get used to the drug 10 mg every day for the next month... and then going uphill in dosage in order to hit the cumulative dose. Please please please dear acne.org viewers and readers, respond. Help me deal with something I've never had to deal before. Help me keep up the strength and courage while I'm helping myself with isotretinoin. Help me see the light at the end of the tunnel with your success/progress stories. Any advice on what to do, how to keep up with the dry skin and other side effects are more than welcome. Thank you for reading this. I hope to be able to keep up contact with you in the future as I go through this rough time. I've read millions of logs, watch millions of vlogs... I know its an up and down ride.. that is why i'm startign out very low and very gradually building up the dosage in order to avoid the IB... don't want that at all!!! Please respond!




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