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day twenty three

sigh. today went okay till tonight. i had a few painful zits and i picked everything. i have to get back on track. fighting fighting fighting

day seventeen

I picked again today. not as bad as yesterday. But i think the best thing for me is to set small time intervals of no picking. Like tonight after i showered i only touched my skin for like a half second and then proceeded to not pick. So I went well tonight. My goals tomorrow are to not pick before school, before dance, or after dance. And the ultimate goal for this week is to not pick all the way to prom on saturday night. wish me luck. fighting fighting fighting

day 16

Picked again. I think its because I'm up so late. I need to make a go to bed before 11 policy. And i need to keep my eyes on the prize. complexion perfection. fighting fighting fighting

Day fifteen

Picked more than I have in a few weeks. but my face was looking great! only minor whiteheads and blacksheads. I have a lot to look forward to. fighting fighting fighting

day eleven

picked in the morning. a tad this evening but was able to walk away from the mirror without any damage before bed. a great improvement fighting fighting fighting

day ten

i picked a fair amount, but not severly. Im very stressed about my upcoming testing. I need to get more aha aas well. Fighting fighting fighting

day nine

Computers been wack so I havnt been able to post. Things are going really well! My face isn't perfect for sure but it looks a heck of a lot better. Can't wait till I really start getting clear!

day four

went better than yesterday. thats all i can try to do. full head of steam straight ahead to success. Also i am training myself to not examine my face with my hands by raising them above my head everytime i do. i will let you know how it works.

day three

so today went very very badly. I picked the heck out of my forehead but i doubled my bp and doubled my moisturizer and used the jojoba oil. hopefully this will work, gotta look decent for prom

day two

so today failed. I picked my forehead fairly decently and picked a couple elsewhere. i don't know why i did. i felt the urge and left and just promised to pick one but i ended up picking a lot more than one. Still got to keep fighting. but. my nails look amazing!!! and cant wait to show them off

revival day one

Picked real bad today. I was stupid with my girlfriend and got upset at myself. But I havn't lost the will to get better, and I have a five day challenge to not pick one single bit so I look good for prom. Then I will have another 14 day challenge for my next prom. I have a lot to live for so my goals will be small at first and then grow in increments, just as my life.

day 15

i ended the day strongly, doing everything i needed to get done. however i picked midday. I found a quote that i keep repeating and it seems to be working. "You'll never regret doing the right thing" aka don't pick and you won't feel bad. Its worked for six-ish hours, i will see where it leads

day 12

Today went great the night was awful gotta figure things out here. Well see what happens. Gotta get bettwr, botta be better

day 11

So today went well, only picked a few zits but my acne looks much much bettwr as I continue the regimwn. Yay turkey day lol goodnight

day ten

So here's the deal. Had an amazing time with my girlfriend and then I go home and get nothing done and I pick my entire body to bits.. . . Ughh. But! I did the regimen morning and night so I am getting better also tonight, when I got to my gmas house, I have not picked. I'm on a roll lol

Day nine

Got better, didn't pick as bad, still didn't do the regimen tonight, however I did do it this morning. Only room for improvement, gotta stay positive, just gotta do it.

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day 8

so today was awful I didnt do my rutine and i picked the hell out of my entire body. But i have to stay positive. IT only leaves room for improvement

day six

hey everybody. So today went fantastic but I picked five zits. I didnt shower either which is probably why i picked. Atleast i understand what i have to do. Only room for improvement, can't wait for tomorrow

Day six

Sooo today went. . . fantastic! did not pick again! I had an urge tonight, and i had my fingers around a zit. However i did not press or pinch it. I might need to begin to work out again to remove all of the urges but i am definitely on the right track On to tomorrow and btw my acne, or lack there of is awesome. I only have twenty or so active zits on my entire body!! the rest are marks from the past, but those will go away with time. .. so yea. total goodness happening here

Day five

OKay. .. so technically it is day six, however i am simply writing when i got to bed. . . so after the immense amount of homework that i had i am now going to sleep. And i did not pick a single zit today so yeaaa pretty awesome.. Anyways the whole work on my teeth thing is working really well, speaking of which i need to put in my retainers. ALrighty, goodnight acne.org. till tonight lol

day Four

Whatsup? I only picked one zit today!!! WAHoo! It twas very awesome My face is looking sooooooooo much better. Thank you Dan!! I have been brushing and flossing my teeth and using mouthwash which has been my competing response to picking. It has worked for me. Maybe it will work for you. So basically it was a great day I hop that everyone can achieve their goals. MIne is simply to get better and better and better and better lol. Goodnight Acne.org p.s. its amazing how much time

Day Three

Sooo I forgot to write yesterday. Oh well, I will be okay. Today I picked tenish zits which is much better than yesterday. So I am improving. I found that when I am angry or frustrated I tend to pick and I have to keep my hands busy. So I am paying more attention to my teeth. Wish me luck. be back tomorrow

Day One

Picked the hell out of my face. However I read an article from a doctor from Harvard and I helped to identify some factors: 1- I have bottled up anger that I let out through my own picking and self hatred. I plan to fix it by working out and perhaps boxing. 2- I hate being called very good at anything, I don't like boasting yet my parents incessantly tell me I am brilliant. Perhaps I can talk with them about it. My goal is to write every day. wish me luck
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