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Low self esteem and acne dont mix well...

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red marks suck....

hey everyone so today is my second blog and 3rd day on new regimen. all my scabs fell off and now i have red marks... like i said before my marks dont last long but idc they still SUCK! so you know a little more about my current skin ill break it down more haha left cheek: 3 pea sized red marks. well 1 is actual brown now and almost gone. right cheek: clear(: chin: another pea sized red mark. forehead: (which is normaly clear ) has small marks less than a pea sized. I know after those heal my face will probably be mainly clear again BUT i pick my face like crazy and i just cant stop . ive tryed reasoning with myself, covering mirrors, and even putting notes on every mirror reminding me of the concequences of picking but i still do it anyways... if you have any tips for helping me quit picking please let me know. i have a big party to go to next week so clear face(or at least the majority) is the goal! alright well bye guys(:






Okay so I was hesitant to start this because Alot of people on here would probably kill to have my skin the majority of the time. The only thing is Im an obssesive skin picker so when I do break out I end up with huge scabs but I'm fortunate enough to not have any scars and red marks only last a couple weeks at most. The thing that's the hardest is also that my self esteem is at a total low, I mean truly I'm a pretty person but the smallest things throw me over board. In other words I have body dismorfice problems great right?.... So like everone else I want to use this to track my progress and hopefully stop picking so I woulnt have to deal with nasty scabs. Soo let's start with some history! I started getting maybe one or two little zits in 6th grade (I'm in 10th now) no big deal never paid much attention to them. 7th I don't remember much I think mostly the same as 6th but a little more persistent. 8th grade really was when stuff started not severe but more then my friends and deffinatly embarrassing. 9th grade was the worst year on my life. cyst, scabs, eveything!! I missed Alot of school that year because if acne... I was even on things given to me by the derm but stupid me changed up my regimen so much and put crazy thing on my face that I damaged my skin for some time. Tip: stick to a couple things, don't over do it. Less is more! Haha. So 10 th grade so far had been great in comparison to last year but 2 weeks ago I went of my oral prescription doxy and started to break out all over again and now have 6 scabs all ranging in size. I feel horrible! So I went to derm 2 days ago and here's the new regimen. Oh yeah I'm back on doxy cause it works while I'm on it to stop inflamed and cystic pimples. AM Clarisonic with derms face wash Clindamycin phosphate gel PM Same as AM but Ziana gel after Clindamycin and 1 doxy 150 mg pill Soo I'll keep you posted on the healing on my recent breakout and how my new regimen works out! good luck to everyone else in the journey to clear skin!




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