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Introduction :) Foundations Wanted!

Hey! First time on this website so please go easy on me ... I dont really know where to start, well I have acne (obviously)! But I have had it for very very long. I am 17 years old now and have had acne since I was about 9 years old, normally you get it when you are in your teenage year, unfortunatly I got it much earlier than that. Not only did I get acne early but it was just a few spots or scaring either, it began kinda all at once. I had it all over my face not to long after it began and over all my shoulders. I did wash my face. Everyday, twice a day. I have gone threw years of trial and errors. I have been on many many products, tablets, lotions and potions! Unfortunatly nothing did work. And anything that did it would last for a few weeks and my skin would get prone to it and just break out like mad then. It was incredible frustrating. I was young and still am and I look at other girls who have like one spot on their faces and they call it "A Mt, Everist"! I know it is to them, but I would prefere to have one enormous Everist than what I do have! ha! During primary school, I used to get teased for it by the guys, but it wasnt to bad because I went to an all girls school so it was not often. I had and still do have a great amount of friends who are always there for me. But being a young girl and beginning to mix with guys and start to like them more than friends was hard because not many, hardly any liked me. I understood after time why would someone like another with spots all over her face, it was just very disappointing and did not help myself asteam. However, I grined and bared it, hoping one day I would wake up and my skin would be one perfect colour, with not spots or blemishes. But I am still waiting for that day to come. As I said I am 17 now and dont have that many spots anymore but I still look like I have them because I am left with the dreaful acne scars. I have looked at many photos in the gallery here and I would prefere to have some of your scars than mine. I look like I have chicken pocks! Literally. Like little kids always think I do, its very embarrassing. I have these white and red bubbles all over my shoulders, I have red "craters" in my face and around my chest area. It looks as if I still have spots and its very annoying. I use foundation but I still have yet to find one that looks amazingly perfect on me. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions...? Please help Many thanks Tazzy