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How to eliminate clogged pores and scars

I'm new to this site, But I wanted to share all of you struggling with acne miracles. They may be expensive, But these steps WILL work, Promise ! I had severe cysts, blackheads, and many pustules, Now I might get a pustule a month! I began using TAMAHRA'S SECRET SKINCARE and RETIN-A GEL .1 . I used Tamahra's secret Iconic Spritzer, manuka cleanser, Silvercure toner, Zit-O day lotion, and lite and velvet sunscreen in the morning. At night I used Iconic spritzer, Manuka cleanser, Silvercure toner, Retin-a .1 , and clearzit masque all over my face every night. I applied the cleanser and toner with cotton pads, Light non irritating exfoliation. I also used a washcloth 2x a day morning and evening before any of the products, for a pre cleanse exfoliation, if you will, just water and light circular motions. I did this for 3 weeks, then got a PHYSICIAN CHOICE ARIZONA (PCA) Peel and extractions. this consisted of 1 layer PCA ULTRA PEEL, Extractions, ANOTHER LAYER ULTRA, AND FINISHED OFF WITH ESTHETIQUE. I did peels and extractions every 3 weeks for 4 months. Then I started rotating between peel and acne facial. For makeup, I used jane iredale EVERYTHING, and the nice thing about the Jane iredale is it is anti-microbial and you can use the Tamahra's secret Iconic spritzer to set your makeup! It took about 6 months total, and 6 months later, no cysts no pustules and MINIMAL blackheads. At the year point I started Obagi Nu derm with Retin-a cream .05 along with CLARISONIC skincare brush. I'm seeing wonderful results with filling in these nasty scars I got, and still very clean skin. the Obagi and clarisonic did cause an INITIAL purge of about 6-8 weeks, But I just saw my medical aesthetician every 2 weeks for facials until it cleaned me up. So, People fighting acne here is the steps ! 1- Tamahra's secret SKINCARE, retin-a Gel, wshcloth exfoliation and cotton pads for T. Secret application 2.PCA PEELS and EXTRACTIONS MONTHLY 3.JANE IREDALE MAKEUP ONLY WHEN the acne is cleared up Depend on 1.Obagi Nu derm and retin-a cream 2.clarisonic brush 3.facials monthly 4.JANE IREDALE makeup GOOD LUCK BOYS AND GIRLS, THIS WILL CLEAR UP YOUR ACNE, PLUMP YOUR SKIN, ELIMINATE SCARRING AND PREMATURE WRINKLING.