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My Claravis Experience 2010

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Day 2

Hello All! I have decided to share my journey from Bad Skin Land to Clarity-ville. I have had acne since, well, what feels like forever. I had it in high school and I have it now in my early 30's. When I moved to NYC I felt increasing pressure to look good and I started to see a dermatologist. I had a really good one who passed away, another really good one who dropped my insurance, and another good one who moved across the country. Finally I found the one I have now- she is good if not a little removed and definitely busy. All of the doctors recommended Accutane, but I was always too terrified of the potential side effects. So I tried the gels, creams, pills(Dynacin). Some worked a little, some didn't. But I can say I wasn't consistent. I must admit that besides being inconsistent I'm also a first class picker. All of the doctors told me that that would have to stop. I tried, I really did, but the fact it...if the acne wasn't there I wouldn't have to pick and the acne was always there. I have had moments of clarity. Moments of clarity with Proactive (while on the birth control patch), with Patricia Wexler products, and with Nuvaring and other topicals. But nothing lasted too long and when acne popped up, I messed with it. So now. I have finally made the decision to try Accutane. If I get any serious side effects I will take myself off of it. I did feel, however it was time to take control. Treat my skin from the inside out. Tough decision, but I feel a good one. I will try to give accurate and timely updates of my experience. I will be taking Omega 3 supplements, vitamin d, and vitamin c I started Claravis while taking Penicillin because I had my wisdom teeth removed last week. I was told it won't interfere and I will only be on it for two more days. Then I will only be taking Claravis. Wish me luck! 20mg of Claravis is my dose




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