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Laser Genesis - Pore Treatment

Im 39 year old male fair skin pore issues. As I age pores seem to get larger and I am now in process of 6 sessions with the Laser Genesis. First session was two weeks ago and I saw little to no change in appearance oil was down but I also started Vitamin A from doctor and this dried my nose and cheeks so as for oil this could also be cause of no oil. Doctor used the laser on my t zone. Forehead hurt at certain levels and as the heat increase doctor had to stop multiple times. Setting goes to 14 he had it on 9. For my nose and cheeks he set it at 10 and similar pain but for most part barable. Total time 30 mins. My face was red but not bright red and saw the redness disappear within couple hours. Overall skin texture looked better but pore size nope same. Second session was today and doctor increased the setting to 10 on m forhead this time I was more prepared and the pain seemed lot less. As for my nose cheeks he did a level 12 and then to 10 as the heat was little much for me. Doctor also went extra over my nose as this is the most problematic. So now Im home two hours later redness has gone down completely and pores seem same mabe a tiny tiny improvement but nothing i can really notice yet. So I wait and report on Nov 22 when I have my next appointment. Doctor did take before pictures so once I complete this 6 sessions I will post the before and after photos for you all and ya can make your own judgements if this works on pores. I'll certainly be honest I have tried many things and all waste money biggest waste of money is Botox for pores uggg 800 and massive pain lol and zero i mean zero results lol so dont waste your thought on that working cause it doesnt not one bit. But the laser I have confidence so we see.




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