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Hey guys! So it's day 4 for my Epiduo/Prascion regimen. I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and i just got into boxing. Today i sparred for the first time, and we had to wear tight fitting head gear which kind of made me worry about my face. I was only wearing for about 25 minutes, so hopefully it won't cause irritation or anything. If this regimen helps me regardless of getting my face smashed with boxing, of people's arms rubbing against my face in BJJ, and constant sweat drying on my face, i will be very impressed Anyways, so far so good, those two big chin cysts are definitely dying down, a couple pimples cropping up but only small ones. I just imagine that epiduo is forcing the gunk out of my face (which it is...but its fun to think about it!) I'll post more pics tomorrow! PS I have been avoiding moisturizing for some reason, and my face is not all that dry right now, even though people always say epiduo is drying. Hmmm, well, if it does get dry i got a bottle of Cerave waiting by desk! hurray!

Starting up

Hey Guys, So i have just started using Epiduo at night and Prascion cream (Sodium Sulfacetamide and sulfer) in the morning. I really hope to help at least one other person by making this blog, and also to keep myself on track! I would love for comments or questions, so don't hesitate to write something. I started getting acne when i was about 15 in high school. It was extremely severe...like the worst ever. I went on accutane which really helped kill the huge cysts. I then did a few sessions of ALA Blue Light therapy, which helped clear me up for a while. Since then, my acne has been from mild to moderate. Lately it's been extremely persistent/ bad moderate. I have done many, many treatments. Some of them cleared me up well (like dan's regimen), and some have not. I always swtich because the regimens that do clear me take forever to apply and they get annoying. I decided to switch to epiduo because A. Its not an anti biotic so i cannot build up immunity. B. My skin has always liked BP. and C. I like the idea of retinoids unplugging pores. I am using Pracsion because it has sun screen in it, and i have used it in the past with really good results also. Anyways, I'll definitely be posting pictures on this blog for you guys with my new droidx I started using epiduo two days ago, and I am definitely having an IB. I got two pretty gross cysts on my chin that keep getting pussy (I haveee to pop them when there is white stuff hehe). My face is surprisingly not very dry yet. I am not going to moisturize until i really need to. Hopefully this IB dies soon, but im going to tough this one out until i get clear damnit! Oh yea, about me: Male, 21, college student, and EXTREMELY persistent moderate acne (with the occasional huge zit/almost cyst) In the picture those two huge zits by my mouth are EXTRA red cause i just popped the shit out of them...they were red anyways but now its worse yikes! Stupid IB (