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First Entry.

Okay, I'm a sixteen year old girl in highschool. I have had acne problems every since freshman year. It's now my Junior year. I'm tired of worrying about acne. I want to get clear befor my Senior year so I can fully enjoy it. (not that I don't enjoy my time now, it's just....acne could be one less thing in my life. Total confidence destroyer.) I believe I have Hypothyroidism. I've had three blood tests and now I"m going to have it looked at Monday, so I don't really know if that will have anything to do with my acne. We will see what the doctor says first. I"ve decided to go on a Gluten-Free diet. I have always liked bread so this may be hard. I noticed yesterday I ate a ton of bread, like 4 slices and a pita pocket. And I wake up with a few small little white heads and my existing bumps look a bit worse. So let's see what happens if I go off bread for a few days. I thought a few days ago I would have to cut fruit from my diet because I was eating like two or three pieces a day (that's mostly where all my sugar in my diet comes from along with a bit of peanut butter with an apple ) but I noticed not eating a lot of fruit I was still gettting acne. SO now I'm going to try and not eat bread. I thought I would just update this maybe Monday, maybe tomorrow. As for the gluten free thing, I just started this morning. So all I have had is a granny smith apple with a 1tbsp of peanut butter. I'm still hungry so I think I'll go have some eggs or something.