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Anyone tried it?

I have not been on here in quite some time. I still am SUFFERING from acne. I did get my doxycycline which it does seem to be helping some, still need to go get my facial peels just a little scared. I have been looking online for something that's going to help and been hearing a lot of good things about garlic. I heard that you can take the pills or even buy garlic bulbs and rub on your face. I'm definitely scared to try the garlic bulbs but tomorrow going to the store to get Garlic pills. Has anyone tried this? Has it helped in any kind of way? I know garlic is really great for your body. I'm just praying that I can find something that's going to help me because I'm honestly so fed up with it. It brings me down more than anything or anyone has ever. It keeps me lacking everything everyone use to love me for. I am no longer any fun because I don't ever want to go anywhere with this stuff on my face its embarrassing.