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Finally an answer-Red bump on nose looks like sunburn or large cyst keeps reoccuring

Hey, since I started getting acne I would always get a large red bump on the dead center of my nose. It is sore to the touch and looks like a sunburn. I would get one every few months. I used to pop them and soooo much puss and blood would pour out. It would also leave a scab and mark on my nose for days, even weeks, thus affecting my social life, and hurting me psycologically. Recently, I got another one and realized this can't be a coincidence. Why were these large red cysts forming on my nose? I finally found an answer, it is called rosacea. I have been going to several dermatologists and none of them seemed realize I have this. The problem is it is very similar to acne. There is no cure for it now, only treatments to reduce the effects of rosacea. I'm just happy I finally found an answer to my large red cyst like bumps that would occasionally appear on my nose. Here is some more information on rosacea-http://rosacea-support.org/




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