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...personal low...

Today I had hit the biggest personal low in my life. I just missed a midterm for a class which was needed for my chosen major, Halloween just ended which made me realize how much candy and bad food I had consumed over the month and how little exercise I did to make up for that, how overweight I am (though not obese), and how my acne has getting worst by the day. Could life get any worst? I had gotten un-neededly upset at some little children I take care of at work because I had made my life revolve around me, myself and I. Of course I need to take care of myself, which I haven't been doing very well at, but I don't need to be consumed with how I look. Thanks to mass media that's what the general population looks at. I'm not saying that we don't need to care about how we look in fact look as best to your ability as possible! But we can't let it consume our lives. How dare I take my anger out on little children because "I don't feel" like I look or feel good enough! We need to start thinking about how we can treat people with more respect.

Michelle Dutt

Michelle Dutt