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I hate everything about me.

I have acne. Not only on my face, but on my shoulders. I also got a pimple this morning on my STOMACH. I mean what the heck!? I'm 13-years-old. I skipped school today because i felt horrible about my looks. Some days i feel uglier, some days i don't. I'm super pale, so my acne is really noticeable. I don't go swimming anymore. I don't wear anything but t-shirts. I wear A LOT of make up but you can still see EVERY pimple. I hate taking pictures. I mark myself out in my yearbooks. I have thought i have been ugly since the 4th grade. Now i am in 8th. Next year is homecoming & I'm most likely not going to go because i hate my looks so much. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. I took this Dermavil when you take 5 pills a day..it didn't work. I used Proactive, Clean & Clear, Neutragina, moisturizers..ANYTHING. In Florida I wouldn't even go swimming. At the moment I have toothpaste on my face. I have had it on for the last 2 hours. I don't only hate my face. But i also hate my hair, my teeth, my weight, my eyes, my body, my voice, my personality & how tall I am. My mom has taken me to the dermatologist & to a councilor. Someone please help me.




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