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Week 3

Okay so I have been on Dan's regimen before, and if I follow it exactly I don't get good results, my skin is very sensative to BP, not sensative in general, but just hasn't reacted well to BP in the past. So here is what I have been doing. AM: -Olay Gental Foaming Facewash w/aloe -Dan's AHA PM -Olay Gental Foaming Facewash w/aloe -Dan's BP (Now up to two pumps) -Dan's Moisturizer (also two pumps w/jojoba oil) I have mostly non-inflamatory acne, but my face is literally COVERED in whiteheads and blackheads, the texture of my skin is terrible, which is why I am using the AHA, I have used it before in the past and my skin reacts to it wonderfully. I have been using the BP only at night for now, I do hope to be using it day and night at some point. I am three weeks in and my skin is only just now feeling dry and tight, and I saw the first few flakes around my mouth yesterday. I really hope that my skin doesn't get too flaky. I saw a slight difference in my skin during weeks one and two but this week I seem to have more whiteheads than ever. I am due for my period soon, so I am hoping that is the cause.




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