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Month 4

I guess for most people, they'll be pretty clear n bubbly in month 4. For me, it's different. But anyways, I'm still thankful that, there's no active acne on my face currently, which is itself a blessing for what horrible situations i've been through. thanks Dan. thanks Hotglue and anybody who gives me support when i needed it the most. People who don't struggle with acne have no idea how much it damage it can do to your life. Honestly, I had no life whatsoever when my acne was really really bad. Things are getting better now, thank god Thank sherry for pray for me and caring about my wellbeing. So I'm still dealing with dry skin now, My skin won't stop flaking me out. But again, it's getting better I use almost 4/5 finger length of BP on my cheeks alone at night, and a lil less in the morning. I stay up a lot lately but I think BP's really keeping my acne at bay. I feel so sure about my life now for I know what to expect Thanks Dan, you are such an angel. I wear makeup daily, for around 8 hours a day. ALmay smart shade n maybelline mineral powder. For anyone who used makeup out there. DON"T USE L'OREAL MINERAL BLUSH. It broke me out big time! I checked its content one day seeing Iso something on it, knowing it would break my skin out according to Dan's video on makeup. So~ Wish me luck God bless our earth. Japan, hang on. Peace out!





Week 2 of the regimen

First off, a shoutout to myself! I finally decided to resume the regimen, coz I crave beautiful skin so much! I recorded my update on my skin condition and uploaded on youtube, so if you're interested, check it out!




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An unexpected timeout

Dear Diary(I assume nobody else would read as carefully as I do, so it's sorta a dairy to track my upcoming battle with acne) I stopped the regimen after a painful week marked by excruciating flakes, redness, stiffness and swolleness. I woke up every morning with my cheeks flamed with chunky flakes, which made makeup application almost impossible. I couldn't smile or chew normally, coz my skin would ache like hell. My friends asked me if I got some botox shots. I'm 20 years old, Gee. Anyways, it was horrible. The last day of my following the regimen, my skin worsened to a terrifying state, my face was peeling so hard that I started to notice gruesome red blotches. Then I decided to discontinue the regimen for the fact that I can't face the crowd without makeup, let alone even makeup couldn't cover up my patchy skin. I visited the msg board again and found out I missed a VITAL ingredient- jojoba oil. I'd never thought it would be of so much significance in countering flakes and moisturizing skin. Before doing the regimen, Neutrogena oil-free moisture could give my skin perfect moist for thick makeup application, but the BP dried everything out of my face I figure. SO IF THERE'S ANYONE OUT THERE HAVEN'T STARTED THE REGIMENT, please have some jojoba oil in hand and use them as instucted by Dan. IT'LL SAVE YOU ENORMOUS TROUBLE. The flakiness is killing me. I couldn't get out of my room!!! and it's no fun, at all. I actually envy the people passing through my window. Why can't I breathe some fresh air! I haven't ate properly since yesterday unless you call one snickers a day proper. Anyways, I think there's a necessity for me to report on my acne history. My acne was most severe in my high school sophomore year, it was HORRIFIC. I remember my cheeks back then were full, well maybe 50% of red spots and developing whitehead. UGH. I couldn't stop looking at the mirror. In retrospect, I attribute that period of explosion to stress and bad sanitation. That following summer break, I did some silly research online and got one "godsent" o-t-c remedy: some body creams and anti-bacterials mixed together. THat was amazing. At least it gave me the best feeling on my skin for recent 5 years. I remember woke up the next morning seeing my blemishes 80% gone and skin smooth! I couldn't believe that and reasonablly assumed my anti-acne war was over. I was happy and confident. Until one month later, irritating zits showed up and then pimples. I tried the remedy again but it didn't really help. Later I got to know that "remedy" contains loads of hormones and stuff that would only aggravate my skin condition. The "healing" was nothing but a semblance. I carried on with my life, hoping one day acne would disappear for good like my dad promised me with his experience. Stressful third year came and my skin sucked as usual. I didn't have enough sleep and staying up was my routine. Plus I kept picking at my pimples and used various acne treatment thingies. I had no patience and sure as hell none helped. Then Collge arrived. I became more and more obsessed with my troubled skin and tried to lead a regular lifestyle. I avoided eye contact and stayed away from crowds. I felt consipicuous and insecure. I cried on a regular basis coz I just couldn't understand why I have to suffer like that. Freshman year fled away, my life sucked. Nothing like the movie said. No boyfriends, no parties, no nothing. SUCKED.Then came sophomore I got to know one magical makeup that can cover blemishes entirely-- Mineral powder. I was addicted. I couldn't keep myself away from mineral makeup, I wore them for over 14 hours a day. I felt like I could face people and stand physical contact again. But everynight I had to take my makeup off, I felt like hell. The heavy makeup application worsened my skin condition, i didn't have super serious lumps on my face but my face was completely reeking of red marks; I smothered my pored and they of freaking course took vengeance. Yet I couldn't live without makeup. The winter break was good coz I realized shorter hours of makeup application means better skin. I slept everynight before twelve and it helped. My skin improved but when I came back to university , everything just slipped back to normal fuckedupness. I couldn't sleep well. Yet nothing scary happened due to the blessing of mineral powder. I felt like I was living under a mask and one it's taken off, every bit of the prettiness of my life would shrink away. My skin then became sensitive, I hated summer. Once summer arrived, tons of zits would erupt on my face and makeup couldn't even out the surface. I felt ugly even under makeup. I decied things need to change and went to a dermatologist. She prescribed some anti-bacterial gel and meds and Chinses herbs. It helped, a lot. My face went smooth again. Yet I didn't show enough care. I stayed up with makeup on and didn't refill my meds and everything went back to normal. However, as long as the temperature was fine, my face could look fine under makeup. Summer gone. I loved it coz I was home comfy and cosy and makeup did help me a lot. I even got one comment from an utter stranger:WHy are you so pretty? I felt bitter-sweet at that comment, coz I know my features can look fine but without themakeup I would just scare everybody away with the ugly me with a fucked up face:(Back then, everything was managable. By then, I meant this July. Then I came to US on an 24 hour flight. I didn't take my makeup off. My face went nuts. Almost ten pimples flared up on my face and I was living hell. Makeup just wouldn't help me. I hate close contact. People noticed my skin texture and I felt so low. Then I came across Exposed skincare and ordered with hope. It backfired at first by rewarding me with small, gross zits around my left cheek, I was pissed off. But bearing " it gets worse before it gets better", I stuck with it. And after 3 weeks, my skin condition improved! I feel beautiful again with makeup on. Scars were still scary but at least I know they'll go eventually and my skin felt smooth again for months. I was happy. Then I ran out of supply and came across Dan's regimen pretty much accidentally. I was impatient with the mailing process and couldn't bear the thought of witnessing my face going to shitness again. So I went to CVS and got myself a tube of Neutrogena's on-the-spot. God. It burnt my skin. I felt ugly. Even if it didn't break me out, my skin felt ugly. I couldn't laugh nor eat normally. I didn't like it. Then a week ago, Dan's kit arrived. I switched to Dan's BP hoped it would get me better. It didn't. Instead, it burnt my skin even more and my face began to feel itchy. Tons of flakes showed up every morning that would just perfectly ruin my day. I couldn't wear makeup. So as I said, I research again and concluded I need jojoba oil. I ordered and estimated it won't arrive at least 4 days from now, so resolution was made painfully that I need to stop Dan's regimen until my jojoba oil arrives. So I returned to Exposed and hope it would normalize my skin again so I could wear makeup agian and just walk out and live my life under pretension again. I never questioned the effectiveness of Dan's regimen, but I need my jojoba oil. Hope it's gonna be a journey worthwhile and I thank Dan just from the success stories I read from this website. Good luck and good night. I feel so tired. I really need some good luck now. Flakes ain't funny at all!!!