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acne scars

Sup everyone its been about 3 weeks since ive been on, wouldnt say ive progressed too much but looking better. I switched from mederma cream to gel which i regret, im still seeing results which is good but the gel peels off so you have to devote time to it, you cant just put it on and go about your day. Also things that i do that i hope are helping are drinking atleast 100 oz's of water a day and the ACE program which is vitamins a,c and e. im getting fewer pimples now maybe one or 2 a day but they always leave scars and some scars just appear that i did nothing to earn. On the brightside i have a dermatologish appointment tuesday which i hope to get microdermabrasion for the first time, i have alot of superficial red marks that would look alot better after the process. Id still be left with the deeper scars but the better i look i can stand to go longer and its only gonna get better. i look like shit now and have all those thoughts about ppl looking and everything but i know im not gonna live like this my whole life. i ruined this face by picking and i will damn sure rebuild it to better than before. the day that is done is the day i will truly be alive again, not drifting waiting to look better. since im off away at college im avoiding seeing certain ppl from home because all this happened to me over summer. i'll come back strong after lifting this burden off me. DONT PICK PEOPLE YOU WILL REGRET IT i can not stress that enough. but i hope everyone sees results, theres hope out there and we gotta find it!

Acne Cure

Sup everyone, just wanted to post my story and hopefully it can help some people out there. Well to start off im 19, I consider myself very good looking and im a D1 college baseball player. Unfortunately i was cursed with mild which later became moderate acne... so naturally i tried everything on the market from grocery store shelves to ordering off the tv such as proactiv and murad. I stuck to the script but nothing helped. so after a trip to the dermatologist i was given solodyn (a pill to eliminate acne bacteria), clindamycin phosphate lotion, and tazorac cream. Now im not gonna lie to you, it took about 2 months but damn if it didnt work. My dermatologist also recommended i use CeraVe hydrating cleanser and CeraVe lotion. All of these products combined gave me amazingly healthy and clear skin... BUTTTTT.... i was addicted to popping pimples. i remember probably about a weeks worth of days added up where i purged or popped every pimple on my face, some to the extent of bleeding. Now that my skin is healthy and clear it really really really shows all the unsightly scars (from ice picks to rolling to boxcars :/) Now what took me minutes to destroy is going to take months to years (hopefully not) to heal. Ive never been this embarassed to show my face in public. and im sure just like everyone else suffering out there ive searched the web far and wide for every known cure or helping agent on scars. Currently im using CeraVe every shower, following with CeraVe lotion afterwards and i give it a minute to sink in and then i apply Mederma to do it's job. today is my 2 week on mederma and i'll give it credit i see results... i see it reducing all the redness from my scars so that my skin is almost equal in tone, i see it working on new scars and even on the older ones. im praying after 3 months i see significant results but thats a long shot. I also recommend anyone suffering from acne and or scars should invest in a strong multivitamin, drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, drink green tea, chewable vitamin C and fish oil.. all these have seemed to help me. Now everyone i have my next dermatologist meeting in a month and that will be 3 months since my last visit, i realy hope when i take my face in there the doctor is impressed and either has a solution to heal me or great advice. I hope anyone who reads this can take what they want out of this and i hope it works for you. In the end its not the acne that is the most devastating thing, its the scars-- please ppl dont touch your face unless youre treating it. you'll truly be thankful in the long run..... until the next time everybody, i'll keep you posted with my results