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I picked a couple today, It is the most depressing thing because I know I'm not supposed too considering it only creates more problems but it just happens. I want to make the excuse that I have OCD or anxiety, but that doesnt really help. I just really need an answered prayer. Money, financial help, something to get me into the doctor so I can get the right medicine and stop living this life where I am hiding behind a fucking hood all day. It was 71 degrees today here in Chicago and I walked to





October Twenty Fifth

Five days until Halloween, what will I be doing this year? Considering the army of acne winning the territorial battle on my face, probably turn of my phone, sit on my ass and watch the Office. Oh well, maybe next year. Wait a second... that's what I said last year, and the year before that. WAHHH! Don't I sound like a bitch?! Writing to you about my problems and my so called "solution"? Yes, I could sit here and write a sob story, and I could also guarantee no one would care or have the slig





A Slow Start: My Bio

I have been trying to stop picking for quite some time now, my face has gotten progressively worse over the years at a slow pace, but somewhat tolerable to me. About 2 and a half months ago I began to have more severe breakouts, deeply rooted cystic acne, so bad that it was painful to smile. When it hurt to smile at a joke, I realized it I was more depressed than I wanted to admit. It tore away at me, destroying any confidence I once had, and ruining my social life overnight. I fear going home t




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