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Purpleclock's experience with acne and so forth

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A look at the purpleclock

Hello yall. One thing that attracted me here first was getting to know remedies for acne scars. In a short time I realized that my problem I experienced was something large, many people had self esteem issues. Starting out as a child I was abused. I acted a brat in my teenage years but then became more in touch with the "big picture", life and its reality. In my last years of high school I made an amazing impact on several youths to live life for the better and found my goal to be a school psychologist so I could improve the lives around me because I feel that I can stand in the shoes of many. After leaving high school I set off to college and unfortunately landed into another bad situation, I was yet again in an abusive situation. This abusive situation took a lot from me, my diet, my rest, my sanity, my hygiene, my appearance (acne scars developed like rabbits). From obtaining so many acne scars and leaving my old self in the matter of six months, I became depressed, suicidal and insecure. I've recently found further meaning to life through these recent experiences, regretful for the unfair loss of complexion yet not regretful to start a new foundation of my furtherance into understanding people with problems that I may be more of use to than before. Acne scarring is unlike most problems that can harm self esteem because it has no definite end and relies on sheer luck to remove (through surgery and other means). I feel it is not the only frontier that reaches these standards but can supply a universal understanding with other cosmetic insecurities. Through my understandings I hope to provide a view to others, they can accept or reject, that, I feel, benefits "the" reality. My reality is that life was meant for love, peace, happiness and living. To break the bad news, I'm a terrible writer so I might not be clear, mention the same thing a billion times or spasmodically jump away from topics which most likely impairs the point I'm getting across. Thank you all for checking me out, I will be doing a video soon explaining my next blog entry that will be posted relatively soon. I suppose I'll have to figure out that youtube thing and link a video onto my next post after the one following this (the one following is exactly similar to some posts I left to some questions and I feel a video will better capture a demonstration to my main points). Some more bad news, I am a procrastinator and part ADHD (I jump from project to project and sometimes forget about a project for a long time) so don't feel insulted if I disappear for a while at anytime, I can assure you that I'll be around eventually or soon. I'll give out email information to anyone who wants it.