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The end of my Acne and the beginning of a clear face!

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My first post!

Well I've decided to give Dan's regime a go because no matter what I try I just can't shift my acne. Now my acne isn't severe - its more mild and usually located around my chin or in my beard region. For that reason I reckon my acne is more related to ingrown hairs. But there is no harm in giving the regime a go I suppose! So i've done one full day and not noticing a lot of difference in the acne, but my skin overall feels great. I guess the redness has gone down a little. I had a shaving rash on my neck (wowzers they hurt when you get them!!) and it doesn't help when I work out. Sweating + Rash = Pain! But the regime has brought down the rash A LOT. Anyway, the products I am using are as follows: Cleanser - Boots expert gentle cleansing wash Benzoyl Peroxide - PanOxyl 5% Moisturiser - E45 Moisturising Lotion They seem to be doing ok for now but I guess we will see in a few weeks time if they make a difference! I will post pictures to show comparison. Being a first post I dont think it will help Well another day done! Until next time! Iain