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i just turned 20 the other day, still have acne, its the worst thing our body can produce well i think so, i have had acne since my sophomore year of high school. i never really cared about it tell my sr year when i realized it was that bad. my mother had acne real bad when she was young and my older sister has it too. i try not to push my self away from friends or social activity's because that can cause stress and make the acne worse. i've never really tried proactive but my sister has and it didnt really work for her at all, but i can say dont ever try that murad crap its the worse, just made my acne worse and i used it for a month and a half. just orderd maxclarity figured whats 22$ worth the try...but what i really want to know is whats the best product out there? what really works? how many times should i wash my face? is the sun bad, i was told to use sun screen and all it did was make my acne worse? all information needed lol, wish this nightmare was over.




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