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About this blog

An online diary of my experience with roaccutane the second time around.

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Day 21

Day 21, and I have to say that even withing the first 3 days of taking roaccutane, there was a visible improvement in my face. The redness went down completely, and now I have an acne-free forehead, the acne on my cheeks has gone down as well. The only issue left is my scarring, and I've been getting letters from my dermatologist saying he wants me to have local anaesthetic so he can puncture the big scars of cysts or whatever and get rid of them..I'm a bit scared about that, as soon as I saw 'local anaesthetic' I freaked out because it involves needles, and then it has this thing which says 'bandage aftercare'..which makes me think I'm going to walk around looking like a mummy for weeks afterwards..I'm not sure what to do. I just hate injections, and I don't want my christmas holidays to be ruined because I can't go out due to massiva bandages on my face. But on the other hand, if it fixes me entirely.. Hmm.





Day One

So, day one on roaccutane. Today I woke up, and I was like 'yeahh, this is gonna be a new beginning'. Hell, I was even thinking of bringing in cake for my friends at school, I was all like lets have a roaccutane party to mark the beginning of the Journey to Clear Skin. Hey, it's a big deal. Anyways, I woke up with about five minutes before the bus left and any hope of cake went out the window. Still, I swallowed the capsule with some peanut butter and left feeling all optimistic. I think I must have been expecting some 24 hour miracle though, I kept consciously thinking of how my face felt throughout the day.. any vague tingle and I was all 'oh yes, my face must definitely be drying out now, by the time I get home I'll look like a Victoria's Secret model'. Fat chance. I got home and was still just as orange and foundation-y as before I left the house, and my stupid acne scars were still taunting me from beneath my layers of makeup. Apparently, it gets worse before it gets better. I keep trying to rack my brains remembering for what it was like last time I went on roaccutane, but I think I must've blanked out any bad bits, I can only remember the confidence I had when my skin was flawless. Oh those happy times, come back to me again! Everything is so much better when you have clear skin, haven't you noticed? It's one less thing to worry about. I'm so jealous of people who have naturally clear skin. I was on the phone to my friend last night, he was all like oh yeah, I totally know what you're going through, I freak out every time I get a spot. He's had like two spots in his whole life. Ugh. Anyways, I'm going away tomorrow for a few days, and school's out for two weeks now so hopefully the reduced level of stress will allow my skin to clear a bit. But as of yet, no major breakthroughs. But no breakouts, either. Things are looking up





It Begins: Picking up a Prescription

Hey Everybody, I figured I'd write this blog just to share my experience of my fight against acne. This is for anyone who's ever looked around at their clear-skinned friends and have had their confidence levels plunge. It can be a lonely experience, fighting acne, so I thought I'd write this just to help anyone out there going through the same thing. And don't worry, I'll try to keep it vaguely amusing. So, a bit of background..I've had acne for 5 years now, and I must have literally tried everything available to clear my skin. All the high street cleansers, the prescription gels, creams, weird multicolour pill things... you name it, and it's probably been in my bathroom cabinet at some point. Two years ago, I begged my dermatologist to prescribe me roaccutane. Which he did, I was on a 30mg dose for 5 months. Roaccutane really does work by the way, it's amazing. So my skin totally cleared up, and I thought hey, that's that dealt with then. 6 months later, some spots started to reappear. And being foolish, I decided to try 'get rid of them' myself. i.e. squeeze them and make it worse. A few months later, my acne was worse than it had been before I went on roaccutane. But today marks a new beginning. Because today, I went to a new dermatologist, who explained to me that the reason my acne came back was probably because my other doctor had only given me 2/3 of the dose I should have had for my bodyweight (and also because I stupidly started to pick my spots: NEVER do this, it only makes it worse). SO, I've had my blood test (my arm kills), and I now have 3 packs of 20mg waiting for me to open. I'm on 20mg for the first month, and 40mg for the second. The only downside is that I have to go in so they can cut open my scars and try to push them out. Ew. Having been on roaccutane before, I obviously knew about the whole no-waxing thing, no drinking..etc etc. And I remember that was my biggest hang-up the first time around, but I'm so happy that I've finally got another chance to fix my face that I don't even care about all that anymore. My only concern was when the nurse was like 'you can't pluck your eyebrows'. I was like, 'Wait, what?' But I did last time when I was on a 30mg dose. This time it'll be higher, but I'm totally not prepared to live with furry caterpillars above my eyes for the next 7 months. I'll give it a go, and if I end up with horrendous scars, I'll warn you all out there not to do the same. So yeah. Hopefully as I start my teratment my blog will give confidence to people who are thinking of going on roaccutane, or whatever happens to me, will inform people about it anyway. But right now, I'm going to go have some tea. Laterss