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How to improve the beauty of your hair

How to improve the beauty of your hair? The washing, drying and brushing should be done according to certain rules, simple, but you need to know the beauty of her hair. Some blunders and some inappropriate gestures can also be the cause of hair problems, from hair loss to brittle hair . . My hair is brittle, what to do? What should I know about thyroid? Brushing Gently brush your hair without pulling. Brush them upside down to distribute the protective sebum on the length. Preferably use a bristle brush. Avoid plastic because it makes hair and electric hair metal because they spoil. Do not tie your hair with simple rubber bands tend to break the hair, but with scrunchies or barrettes. Regularly change your hair especially when it likes to pull her hair back. In the long run, this may cause depilation near the front! Hold the hair dryer remote and set it to low temperature. Space and permanent stains. What to styling my hair? My hair is brittle, what to do? Heal his body after the birth of baby Washing The best shampoos those who are the least lather. It is best to use products for frequent use or fragile hair because they attack less scalp . . Avoid shampoos for babies because they are not at all for adult scalp. Do not pause during the shampoo. Do not "leave on shampoo for 3 minutes", as is often shown in the manual, but rinse immediately when the massage is finished. It is unnecessary to make two successive shampoos (again, contrary to what is often written on the instructions of the product), the risk of attacking your hair, which will not be much cleaner. Rinse with water not too hot and finish by rinsing with cold water. It is also excellent for your skin! Rinse thoroughly so that no traces of shampoo or any other care. Rinse your hair in the bath water is not enough: we must always use the shower to get rid of all traces of products. If necessary, please wash your hair every day, provided you follow the instructions above. Resource: beautytipshub.com