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Throughout most of my life I've lived with acne. It's a shame that whenever I look back and remember important events, (school dances, my first girlfriend, life in general), I've lived with acne and thought that it was just one of those things where I would have to cope and just get over it. As my acne progressed, I noticed that my self esteem went downward, my confidence level dropped, and I wasn't who I thought I should be. Recently, I found acne.org, and this blog will be dedicated to the trials and tribulations of going through acne, as well as a log for the Regimen. Hopefully in 4-6 months, I will be acne free (with the occasional spot here and there), but we'll see. I'll be putting the Regimen to the test, following the directions down to the tee, and changing my life style to suit exactly what I need to do. Personally, I've tried most OTC medications (Salicylic acid, low percentage dosage of BP), as well as prescription medication (oral anti biotics to fight acne causing bacteria, as well as topical gel) which worked better than OTC medications, however, did not fully clear up my acne as well as I thought it would. All I know is, is that we'll see. -James