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Accutane - should I go back on it ?

Hi Everyone! Okay, so I am new to this blog and I am sooo happy I joined it! I was looking up Accutane on the internet and I came across this forum. Okay so here is my story battling with acne: I started getting acne when I was about 10. It started out mild but quickly increased to moderate. I wouldnt say severe, but there are a few times a month when my face looks that way. I was constantly made fun of in elementary school and my self esteem suffered alot from it - although people wouldnt know but acne has drained alot of my pride. All through elementary school my acne kept on getting worse and I tried EVERYTHING - minocylcin, tetracyclin, birth control pill, proactiv, topical antibiotics, vitamins YOU NAME IT I HAVE TRIED IT. By the time I hit 13 i started getting severe acne on my chest and back - I didnt swim for years because I couldnt bear the thought of wearing a bathing suit. I dreamed of wearing shirts that showed my collarbone, or being able to look someone straight in the eye and not worry that they were staring at my acne. After years of failed attempts with numerous treatment methods, by doctor asked if I would like to try accutane. She named the side efffects but I was sold the minute she said 95% success rate. I started my 6 month course of 30 mg a day the next week. Now, before I go on with the side effects or anything let me tell you all one thing - accutane is a miracle drug. a MIRACLE. As all of you know who have suffered with the emotional beat down of acne - it takes a toll on your life. Acne made me happier. I cried a few times when I looked at my face and back and chest in the mirror in the last months and after accutane. I was CLEAR. It was a miracle. EVERY SINGLE side effect I had endured had been worth it. 100%. Now for the side effects : I didnt feel depressed at all. However my cholesterol shot through the roof. My skin became SO DRY. Although my hair (which usually gets greasy one day after washing it) would go days without getting oily, and by the end my skin was soft, the first three months were ... well... HELL. My skin was SO dry that It was crust and flake off constantly. Even more people teased me for that. My nose would constantly bleed from the dryness and get crusty and itchy. My eyes burned and I had dandruff. But it was all worth it. Now, a year and a half later I would say my acne has come back maybe 70% as bad as it was before. Although I do not have severe acne on my chest or back, I would say it is mild to moderate and my face has come back pretty much just as bad as it was before. It has been back for almost a year now and I have gone back on other perscription drugs but nothing has ever worked except Accutane. I want to go back on a second course of Accutane but Im scared my doctor will not let me. I really want to .. my acne is making me anti social because sometimes I'm embarrassed to go out in public.. should I go back on it? Help! Thanks everyone!