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Day 20 on Accutane

It's my 20th day and I feel pretty much the same as the last time I posted althought I did get a mini break out but it seems to be getting better. Also, I'm SOO nervous! My 16th brithday party is on November 13th which is a month away. Anybody know if I'll be clear yet? My scars are driving me crazy I want to cry when I look in the mirror but I keep telling myself that it will get better Keep in touch, Nick.





Day 15

So I'm officially half way through my first months and my lips are really dry but havent started peeling yet, I think i need a better lip balm. My skin isnt dry but I no longer have as oily skin that I used to have, it's still oily but atleast it doesnt look as bad! I have less active pimples but sooo many marks! My nose is craking in the corners but it doesnt hurt so it's ok. I have a party tonight and I haven't seen some people there in a while so I'm reallly nervous but I have to keep thinkin




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First Blog day 10 of accutane.

Hey everyone, My name is Nicholas I'm 16 years old and I have been suffering with severe acne for 1 year. I know how it is to feel like absolute crap, to hate what you see in the mirror what you once used to love. I know what it's like when someone asks you how you got pimples or why your face is so bad, it makes you feel like you want to burry your head in a hole. I've cried countless times because I hate my face, wishing it never would have happened. I am here to write this blog not only to le




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