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4 months on accutane.

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Day 20 on Accutane

It's my 20th day and I feel pretty much the same as the last time I posted althought I did get a mini break out but it seems to be getting better. Also, I'm SOO nervous! My 16th brithday party is on November 13th which is a month away. Anybody know if I'll be clear yet? My scars are driving me crazy I want to cry when I look in the mirror but I keep telling myself that it will get better Keep in touch, Nick.





Day 15

So I'm officially half way through my first months and my lips are really dry but havent started peeling yet, I think i need a better lip balm. My skin isnt dry but I no longer have as oily skin that I used to have, it's still oily but atleast it doesnt look as bad! I have less active pimples but sooo many marks! My nose is craking in the corners but it doesnt hurt so it's ok. I have a party tonight and I haven't seen some people there in a while so I'm reallly nervous but I have to keep thinking positive ! Also halloween is coming up so I hope I'll be clear by then, I'll be in 1 month + 7 days anyone know whats stage I'll be at? Thanks Guys ! Nick




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First Blog day 10 of accutane.

Hey everyone, My name is Nicholas I'm 16 years old and I have been suffering with severe acne for 1 year. I know how it is to feel like absolute crap, to hate what you see in the mirror what you once used to love. I know what it's like when someone asks you how you got pimples or why your face is so bad, it makes you feel like you want to burry your head in a hole. I've cried countless times because I hate my face, wishing it never would have happened. I am here to write this blog not only to let out my feeling that I wouldnt be able to let out in real life but to help people know that they're not alone and hopefully let them see my success story and my journey to clear skin. It all started in the summer of '09 a couple of months after my parents splitting up, I obvisouly thought that it was just because of the circumstances that I was breaking out but when it never went away I was concerned. So I went to the dermatologist who proscribed me bronzoyl peroxide and a wash it broke me out like crazy right before school wish sucked and had to get so many questions about it that i didnt know how to answer. After a few months it all went away so i decided to just switch to help me get rid of my marks (WOST MISTAKE! STAY WITH WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING) so i tried proactiv which kept my skin pretty much the same for a couple of months, but then I broke out again in the summer of 2010. Seeing that I broke out I tanned as much as a could and went to tanning beds a couple of times (6-7 times) which was also a bad mistake because it left me with marks EVERYWHERE! I have nothing else to do so I chose acctuane. I started acctuane (4 month course) Saturday September the 25th and I got proscribed it by a doctor because I currently do not have a dermatologist, I will be seeing my new one on Novermber 4th (I think). I really hope that this helps with my marks because i refuse to be in pictures, I have no self-confidence and it pretty much sucks. When I am done my course I will show before and after pictures because I am too shy at the moment. It's day 10 and I haven't really recieved an initial breakout and I don't think that I'm going to get one ! my lips are awfully dry and my nose is cracking and my back hurts. It's not so bad but I just remember that I always have to stay poitive and just picture myself with clear skin and remind myself only 4 months until I get to it. Not much else has happened but I'll try to keep you guys posted ! If you've already taken acctuane then I'd like some advice but If you're currently on it or thinking about taking it, just ask me if you need anything! Thanks Guys -Nick.