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Isotretinoin is the key

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Isotretinoin is your way out

hi every one, First: i wanna change this dying slowly thing but i don't know how but anyway i think this will be my last entry, you know why?!!! cause Isotretinoin actually healed me ant the great news is, that I live in a country where accuatane is very hard to find so i used an other Isotretinoin product called NetLook which probably less affective that the accuatane that U have in your countries and just let me first explain my former condition to you: I'm now 20 years old guy, I had sever acne, I tried every thing chemical and natural for around 2 years and nothing worked to make me normal, I was desperate,I hated my life and I even sometimes thought of suicide, I always felt intimidated by fine skin people especially females of course,I turned to be an enclosed person who barely leave home, AND THEN ---> ISOTRETINOIN , I wanna kiss the person who invented it (specially if she is a female ) and you know what, at the late stages of the treatment course i began to gain self confidence and go out there everywhere acting normal , I was happy to have my face back again ,BUT there was still some pimples which i didn't care about, and even with them i was able to make most of the girls in my class admire me (I always had a way with them before i got acne) I think i'm a celebrity there now and this lead us to the point that acne or no acne , IF you acted normally and loved life pretending like you don't have acne then other people won't see it and even if they realized it, they still wont care so i recommend accuatane to every body here who tried several treatments with doctors before and still no result--> but you must know that it takes alot of time and money & you gonna have frequent breakouts through the course, so be patient, don't loose hope and know that my case was just like yours if not worse (sorry for my bad English)

DYing Slowly

DYing Slowly


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