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Accutane: Week 5

Sorry I'm just a little bit behind schedule here. Lemme recap week 5 on Accutane. The main phrase to sum up this past week is "slow and steady." For most people suffering from acne, patience is not something that comes easily -- especially if you have tried all sorts of different creams, medications, etc, and are still at a loss. Trust me, I know; I am probably one of the most impatient people you will ever come across. However, I've learned to just roll with it while being on Accutane





Accutane: Week 4

(Knock on wood) is the worst over? I don't want to jinx it, but this week has definitely lightened up for me. I still have some clusters here and there -- mainly on my forehead -- which are red, but you can tell they are healing. They might itch every now and again, and are dry, but I know these are all good signs, so I just leave them alone. Over all though, my skin feels a lot better. The black heads have minimized and so have my pores by the looks of things. My skin (aside from the




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Accutane: Week 3

It's true when they say nothing worth it comes easy. The end of week 2 and into week 3 was quite the challenge for me. I believe this is my time of the dreaded Initial Break Out. My skin was very dry in the beginning of the week, but not too irritated thankfully. I only wash my face twice a day (for about 10 seconds with Vichy Acne Prone face wash and warm water), and I moisturize with a thin layer of Oil of Olay Sensitive Skin Lotion afterwards. That is it! The less I put on my face, in my





Accutane: Prior & The Beginning

Okay so let me give a little background on myself! I'm 22, and I'm still struggling with moderate - severe acne. That sums it up! I'll be blogging my Accutane Experience for others to view -- hopefully some can relate, advise or find answers if they are thinking about going on Accutane themselves. I know how painful acne can be in so many different ways, so I'd like to help and support anyone I can going through the same issues. BEFORE ACCUTANE: Right before I started taking Accutane, my




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