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Final sprint

Finished 4th cycle and ugh. Skin on face: Temperamental. Unbelievably clear one day and patchy dry with some blemishes next. Dry patches are unexpected and unresponsive to OTCs. Blistex-balm concoction worsens patches. Sometimes responds to ointment, cortisone products, petroleums, steroid creams and overhydration. Moisturizers: Purpose is sometimes irritating. Noticed moisturizing face after wetting face and blotting (hence diluting lotions) works and reduces irritation (the raising

Middle cycle crisis

Sometime in October/November marked my third and fourth cycle respectively. I have taken notes throughout my medicating, so, this is where I will be copying from for this entry. Experience with exfoliating: Initially, exfoliating brightened (by this time) and removed my flaky skin. This skin was slowly and subtly appearing around "smile lines;" Not on my lips but around the curved area from chin to nose--hope that was somewhat clear. After a couple of exfoliations, more dry spots appe

Day 14

Hi reader, Please forgive me for my lax formatting and spacey documentations in advance. In short, my first noticeable "acne" experience (and all of it's insecurities and hypersensitive awarenesses) began several months into my first post-collegiate job. This job involved the constant use of harsh solvents and the onset of my acne seemed consistent with dermatitis; however, I am a chemist and not a physician...I speculate coincidence is just as plausible as the former passive deduction.
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