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My First Post

For anyone who might be reading this, let me give you the reasons why I've created a blog. 1.) I'm not a narcissist (I can't really imagine anyone suffering from moderate to severe acne to be a narcissist either). 2.)Before going on accutane, like many others, I surfed the WWW exhaustingly to get as much information about accutane as humanly possible. I searched for the normal things like side effects (long and short term), time of use, success stories, as well as failures. So I hope this blog can be used as a reference by those thinking about going on accutane and wondering whether or not it will work for them. 3.)I may be able to help anyone with questions about my status so they may know what to expect. Why am I on accutane : Like anyone else on accutane, I've pretty much tried everything else and none of it worked. I'm a working professional, and walking into meeting with a bunch of huge pimples on my face generally isn't the worlds best feeling. Going out and socializing, even with close friends, isn't super fun either. I've gone through the same quasi depressing state like many people who suffer from acne and I would like to get off that train. Now a little background. Ethnicity : Asian Age : 30 Height : 5' 9" Weight : 145 lbs. Trouble areas : my cheeks (oddly no where else) Accutane dosage : month 1 : 20 mg. I expect to go onto 40 mg next month and then 60 mg for the four remaining months of my course. This all depends on my blood work. I guess to personalize this blog a little more I should tell anyone reading this a little about my personality and acne experience. So up until I turned 26 I had flawless skin. I didn't have acne as a teenager, or in college (other than your random pimple here and there). At 26 my skin decided, f*%k you and decide to break out like mad. Before the acne I was a pretty fun person, so everyone says. Very outgoing, personable and friendly (so people say). Since the bad acne, no one's really said anything since I don't really go out anymore (please don't feel sorry for me, that's not what I'm looking for). I'm married to a lovely wife, have a job I enjoy, and am a home owner. There is truly very little stress in my life. Mainly why I don't ask anyone to feel sorry for me b/c in my heart of hearts I know that I've been lucky and blessed to have what I have (if this comes off as vain, it's not meant to). Anyway long story short, I will be posting pictures of my progress for those who might have similar acne as mine and are thinking about going on accutane. As the entry title says this is my first post. The picture below are my cheeks 13 days on accutane. Sorry don't have any pictures before accutane. Also, just in case anyone was wondering, I use cetaphil daily facial cleanser. I find it to be less irritating than the cetaphil gentle cleanser, ironic. At night I use cerave moisturizer. If I am going to be in the sun I use Eucerin Everyday Face Lotion with SPF 30. I like Eucerin the most b/c it's one of the few spf 30 face moisturizers that has Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide, which I've read are the best UV repellents. Enough babble, here are the pics. Right cheek [image]http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1285485142/med_gallery_122089_11208_113590.jpg[/image] Left cheek [image]http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1285485142/med_gallery_122089_11208_69047.jpg[/image]