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Week 2 of the regimen

I want to keep track of my progress on the regimen to a) encourage myself to follow through with it and b) to give others a chance to see how it can work for them. I had never really suffered from acne throughout high school and most of college, but about the time I turned 21 I started getting pretty serious adult acne that left scarring I had never experienced before. Needless to say, my life completely changed and I was no longer comfortable going out or making eye contact. Work was (and is) torture because as a waitress I have to keep my hair tied back, and thus cannot hide my cheek acne behind my hair. My love life also drastically changed as I no longer felt confident around guys. I bought the kit from acne.org and today have hit my second week of using it, following the given directions. Though the acne and scarring that had already been present on my face hasn't disappeared this week, no new acne has formed (I was having problems with cystic acne for awhile, and this is a big step for me!). I feel a lot better about myself and am able to go out without makeup (maybe because I feel positive this is going to work for me??) However, about 3 days ago (day 11), my normally oily skin has started to dry and flake pretty badly, though this is not surprising. It's flaking more on the cheek and chin area, which means makeup foundation is not an option for me at this point, as it would probably exacerbate the flakiness! I'm going to try applying more moisturizer and/or get a hold of the jojoba oil. Pictures to be posted...as soon as I read the FAQ!