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DAY 25!!!!

Hey all who visit!!! ( But may not comment) DAY 25 of my accutane treatment, In 5 days I am going to be upping my dose to 20mg!!!!! I know it is still low but I am still a little scared. I would just love for all of this to be over and not to have to worry or think about it anymore. I would say that my acne has definetly gotten better my skin is still really dry and red in the t-zone though and there is still acne on my cheeks but not really anywhere else. Does anyone have any suggestions to bring down redness on the face? that is my biggest issue at the moment that my skin is red and flaky. I just bought some aveeno but not sure if anyone else has any suggestions Also I take fish oil capsules daily and heard vit e is also good to take on accutane wondering the thought process behind this. TOO EVERY OUT THERE TAKING ACCUTANE< KEEP ER GOIN BY SPRING WE"LL ALL SMILING AND FEELING GREAT!




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DAY 16

Feeling pretty good today! The cysts on my cheeks are still present but slowly, very slowly coming down!!!!! Everywhere else is very good and clear. Makes me think what the hell is the difference between my cheeks and the other skin on my body! I had a low day on the weekend because I didn't want to go out partying but I hope things will be better for halloween and thanksgiving. That's it for now, one tip I have is to look at yourself everyday and just think about what you will look like when this is over. Always makes me feel like I am making progress. Cheers!






Hello All!! I have just begun taking accutane and feel my skin has gotten a little worse. I am worried because my derm only prescribed 10mg for the first month ( I am 6'1 about 200lbs). I am not sure if this is a part of the initial breakout or because I am on such a low dosage that it has started to work yet. Any comment would be Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S Derm said he likes the lower dosage because less side effects with good effectiveness still.




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