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Some Fears....

Hey to who ever is reading this... a bit about myself.... I'm your regular 20 year old girl. I've been getting acne since about sixth grade, but recently I have been getting cystic acne for the past 2 years..... been on 2 rounds of antibiotics (just started monodox....) and i've been on retin a micro, duac, benzaclin.... etc. My cystic acne mostly covers my cheeks and now it has extended to my chin. Not only is it getting more difficult to be optimistic about my acne, it's just down right embarassing. Although I do not really suffer from low self confidence- this definitely hinders it a little bit. Last week, I went to my dermatologist and she suggested I look into accutane. Although before I never wanted to even consider it, I really started looking into it more seriously. SooooooOooo, I got my blood drawn and apparently I have to wait one month before I can even start Accutane. I'm on monodox just to hold me over to that time.... Question to you 'tane users--- 1. What is the process to getting accutane? As in... I know you have to take a blood test, but what else? can anyone describe the process? 2. I know the risks of accutane and i read many stories which i am so thankful for- but can anyone let me in on some of their own experiences?? Thanks guys!




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