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my acne jorney

ok so i have been dealing with acne for my whole life . it started when i was around the 7th grade .., when i got into 9th grade i used proactiv and it worked winders ..until about 11th grade year my face started to burst into nothing but nasty pimples and zits. So then i went to the doctor and got a persciption for tazorac which worked good, so i got off that and my face was good for a while then out of nowhere again i started to breakout like crazy . so once again i was prescripted something which was duac ..that was working great i mean great then my insurance ran out so i could not afford it .. so then i ordered panoxyl 5% benzoyl peroxide gel which did a great job for about 2 months and now im breaking out again i dont know what it is i did just stop taking birth control so it could be that ..idk im going to my gynoceogist this week i hope he can give me prescription for something .. by the way does any one know if gynoceogist can prescription for acne medication