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Hi! Im currently very confused at the moment with what is happening with my skin.. im 18 years old and had acne since i was 13. For 4 years i have been to my gp alot of times, (with quite mild to morderate severity of acne) at the age of 16 i had the implanon (conraception implant last for 3 years) and i had ever seen my skin in such good condition for the majority of the year i had it. Over the year i seldomly got extreme breakouts (proberly from raging hormones)i got about 4 breakout whilst using this. Recently a couple of months ago i got my implant taken out as at that point i was suffering from BAADD breakouts and thought me maybe switching to something different could help my skin. After i had that taken out my skin has got gradualy worse i was getting cysts, FED UP of going to my GP who gave me medication that didnt have NO effect on my skin: TETRACYCLINE MINOCYCLINE RETIN A ZINERYT ETC ETC I thought i would take this into my own hands and try to CURE my acne! NATURALLY!!!! Last week I purchased APPLE CIDER VINEGAR TABLETS and LEMON JUICE (FOR TOPICAL) and also VITAMIN B6 (FOR HORMONE BALANCE) I have also been drinking at least one and a half litres of water a day. My skin has gotten ALOT WORSE. I am now getting about 20 under the skin acne spots in just ONE small area and alot of acne forming all on my cheeks ETC!!! PLEASE HELP!! IS THIS JUST THE "PURGING STAGE"? WILL IT GET BETTER? ITS BEEN ONE WEEK TODAY!!!!! THANKS YOU