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First 2 Weeks or so

Mild to Moderate Cystic Acne depending on the time of month. Started Amnesteem because I'm too old to be working this hard to get rid of acne. Started September 1, 2010 in the evening with one pill of 40mg. Continued the next day with both pills for a total of 80mg. I had a few bad cysts pop up within days but nothing I couldn't handle. Dry skin on the face started at day 4 with some redness. Purchased Aquaphor, and sensitive skin lotion, wash and more Burt's Bees for my lips. Day 6, bought eye gel drops. My eyes are pretty dry and burn by the end of the evening. Day 7 began the bad burn on the face with lots of redness. Day 10 dropped to only one pill a day in an effort to lesson the burn on my face. It was painful 24 hours a day and I knew I'd never make it if I didn't do something. I can live with red but not with pain. Day 19 skin on face has calmed down but now my scalp itches like crazy and my back, too. Of course right in the middle where I can't reach it. No other major side effects. Comments: It's very strange to be experiencing this turn of events. • Washing my face twice a day with cleanser and exfoliating => washing face once a day with sensitive skin cleaner, no exfoliating - not even a wash cloth • Using translucent powder to mask the oily skin => using translucent powder to mask the Aquaphor • Not using lotions for fear of clogging pores to => applying lotion several times a day • Washing hair daily to keep it oil free => washing hair every other day to keep it flake-free