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Day 20

Everything on my chin has healed. The leftover marks seem less red and bright. Cysts on my chin- one turned into a big boy- but than god its on the under side of my chin and not visible. But it's still in full on pimple mode. Exfoliation isn't required as much now. I'm thinking I just had to remove the old bad skin for a bit to get to the new healthy skin. A clean slate. Im wondering if eventually I should get a glycolic acid peel or something.

Day 17

Today I got my period- at work. WONDERFUL. Everything on my chin is almost gone except one which is still in a drying stage and will probably scab off in the next two days. My face looked really good today. Should look even better tomorrow. At one point I caught my reflection in the mirror and thought I had forgotten this entire experiment and put on foundation! YEA SERIOUSLY. The foundation never really covered it all up anyway- and the zits would become visible at the end of the day. So m

Day 15

Wow- I can't believe I haven't washed my face- or put ANYTHING on it in 15 days. All of the 5 big red painful hormonal chin zits are dry as a bone. They will be gone very soon. I haven't even gotten my period yet though- this is just PMS! I wonder if I will break out again when the flood begins... Interesting. The pattern is changing a little bit. Ok two things in this post. 1. The hardest thing about this experiment is self control in not using makeup. Sigh. If I could just dab a




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Day 14

Well the menstrual cycle break out happened. Sigh. 5 big BIG ones on my chin. I mean I'm sure you can imagine the intense desire I have to wear makeup. I've gone to work two days in a row now with no cover-up and I got some nice little subtle comments. Anyway- the rest of my skin looks great. And EVERYTHING is already drying up. That is what is STILL so miraculous about this- the healing process is definitely sped up and the drying process more successful. Still haven't cleansed my face. S




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Day 11

I think I might have over- water washed my face. It was kind of dry yesterday. To make matters worse I had to take two showers yesterday. One before work and then one late at night after being around a ton of sick people. I figured it helped my chances of not getting sick if I scrubbed any potential germs off my body. So no face washing today or tomorrow of any kind! So I am beginning to embark on my menstrual cycle. It should be coming in the next week or two. My cycle has never been

OMG today is day 9!

I thought it was only day 7! So... my skin still looks great. I am so happy. All I am doing once again is nothing... occasionally washing my face. Yesterday (day 8) I used a wash cloth in the shower in the morning to VERY VERY VERY gently exfoliate my face a little bit. And only because I felt like I was literally shedding my old face and needed to help remove it. I feel like when I got out of the shower I had a new smoother glowing skin. Seriously. Today I did nothing in the morning

Day 7

All the zit issues from yesterday have dried up and are healing. I have a new small cystic zit above my right eyebrow- but it appears to already be shrinking. Some parts of my skin still appear dry, if I lightly run my fingernail over my cheek dry skin comes off. Having my skin naturally moisturize itself through not washing is really making me feel like Moisture- OIL is the cure for all my skin problems. I want to put oilve oil on my face! Maybe I'll try it!

Day 6

Really this is amazing. I mean I really had my doubts. I figured this would improve the moisture content of my skin and stop that awful flakey dryness- maybe make it easier to cover up my zits because they wouldn't be so dried out or scabby. But no- its amazing. First of all my skin looks fantastic. FANTASTIC. Every part of my face that is not broken out is dewy- I look younger (which is relative because I'm only 27 but still my skin looks more vibrant and less tired). The color in my skin

Day 5

Last night I popped the zit next to my nose and extracted the pore. I didn't wash my face at all last night with water. Today the small zit next to my nose is healing and wil probably be totally gone tomorrow. Once again a zit is drying up on its own. The one thing that is really bothering me about my face is my pores. I have always had very clogged rather big pores on my nose and immediate cheek area. I have clogged pores all over my face though- but the pores aren't as big and t

Day 4

Ok what is crazy is last night I appeared to be getting a zit on my chin. The good old clogged pore white head that may turn into a cyst. So I popped it and extracted the cylindrical mass from the pore. Usually this just results in another zit. But I woke up this morning and it was totally dried up. My face still isn't oily anywhere but my nose- and not very much. It's strange because my old zits are really drying up on their own. It's no different than the healing drying pattern one usuall

My Experiment

I'm no longer going to wash my face. About me: I'm a 27 year old female. I have had acne since I was 13- but really it became out of control when I was 22. Before that I experienced horrible Bacne in junior high (many painful cysts, white heads, bleeding zits etc)- but once in high school my back was clear and my face was clear except for maybe 0-4 zits at a time or the occasional dreaded cyst. I hated it then- but I realize now it wasn't so bad. At 22- the Bacne returned- 10 years lat




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