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Hello! Intro

Hi all! Well I thought I had it All figured out about my skin, I had bad acne in high school and got some scarring but it pretty much cleared on its own just some flare ups due to hormones, nothing major. I lived in California then...not anymore and my skin hates me now. Now I live in the tropics where it hot and humid and my pores are clogged and it just really bad. The irony is that I am in the best shape of my life and eat very healthy though I admit I have my weaknesses (salty snacks, chocolate) I eat the "natural" snacks but they are still processed to some degree. So I am sick n tired and feel like I need to do something. I am on a major budget and I am going to go holistic... Basically an even healthier diet and natural products, serious though. No more snacking on processed anything...amp up my fruit and vegetarble intake adopting an almost 50% raw diet and of course...working out harder (i have heard that helps increase dopamine which counters stress, which can cause acne). I will cronicle it here. Wish me luck and I cant wait to read your guys's blogs and show support : ))