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Need Your Dermatologist Recommendation! thanks

Hello everyone! I am new here, and glad to join this site. I live in between Orange County area and Los Angeles City, and would like to know if a few from this site can recommend a great Acne Expert Dermatologist for me. I am 24 years old and I have acne, I feel like I need to put a masked on if I go outside. I read about Dr Nissan Pilest in Irvine, and I am not sure if he really is a good dermatologist for Acne? I used to see Dr. Murad in El Segundo and give me a priscription for a Doxycycline antibiotics, it did worked, and cleared up my acne, once in a while I get some..However, I was taking them for about almost 2 years and planning to have a baby so I had to quit. and now my worst acne is back! I feel like I don't want to go back to Dr. Murad anymore, because it seems like he only wants to give me an antibiotics and I felt like he is not very knowledgeable. So I am looking for another dermatologist. I hope to hear from someone out there that can help me and give me suggestions..thank you so much and best regards to everyone!