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My Life

When I was in elementary school? I was teased in the 3rd to 5th grade about my weight when i was on medication. I use to go home crying to my mother and she use to tell me life can be painful sometimes. When I hit my preteens years I begin to have acne on my chin just mild not so much and my skin is really oily. Being a girl is hard enough but having acne in middle school is hard enough girls use to bully me because I had nice things. When I enter high school things came out well i lost weight and then the worst thing i have acne on my forehead i use cleanser I never picked my face and I use to be stressed sometimes and It hurts. But Guys come up to me and say what wrong and I said Just going through alot. I been asked out in High School I tooked the offer. And Some guys are shy but Im a cool person to hang out with. I always have enermies but I will survive.Now it is a yr i am out of skool acne emerge some people thinks im ugly some thinks im cute. Im successful at the end I will be the future.