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Month 3 - 100mg Spiro

I'm now on month 3 of using 100mg Spironolactone a day. Before I was using 50mg and that worked okay as long as I was using full strength antibiotic but I had to be weaned off the antibiotic (Bactrim) because you can't use that forever. My derm also put me on Retin-A and that has helped my overall skin texture. Between Retin-A and extremely oily skin I look at least 15 years younger than my real age. However I'm not totally clear and still break out with 1-2 pimples a day. And every 30 days or so I get a cyst. Not pretty. And very distressing. I know this may not sound like much but I'm almost 60 and have been dealing with acne for 45 years. The only meds that worked have been Accutane and full strength antibiotics and only while I'm actively taking them. As soon as I stop the acne comes back. I've tried going all natural, vitamins, etc. etc. I'm soooo hoping that the 100mg Spiro will work. My derm says that it takes 5-6 months for the Spiro to really make a difference.