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2nd month into accutane

A bit late with my accutane log. Just came back from my dermatologist with a whole month's supply of Accutane (30gsm) I have moderate acne. Huge pus-filled pimples on my cheeks and tiny red ones scattered thorough my forehead. Nothing on my nose or lower chin. My acne was just getting better at the end of my 1st month of accutane treatment... all the bumps on my cheeks went down and the zits on my forehead dried and peeled off... when all of a sudden BOOM! a cluster of pimples on both cheeks GYAAARGHH!! I'm just going to continue my regime of Cetaphil cleanser and some topical anti-biotic gel prescribed to me by my derm. I hope they go down again. T__T I already have enough scars on my face. My skin is rough, uneven, red patches here and there etc. etc.. To be frank I feel really depressed because I'm supposed to go to Shanghai World EXPO this Saturday with my best friend... and I thought my face could be pimple free by then... Now I just feel like staying home.