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Accutane or Not

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Accutane or not?

Hello everyone I have been suffering from acne for the past eight years and I am sick of it. I have tried several over the counter stuff. It took one course of organic chemistry to figure out that all acne over the counter products are the same! I have tried birth control pills, anti-biotics, topical anti biotics, retin a burned me when I was twelve. I have even changed my diet and did a liver/colon flush. Curetnly I am on tetracyline, yaz, spironolactone, acanya, aczone, I am also doing chemical peels, and IPL. These current treatments are working, however I am concerened about my acne relasping. If so I am seeing my dermatologist in december and If things are looking glum and I pray they won't I will ask for accutane. My only concern is side effects, and will it even work? If someone could tell me what to expect I would appreicate it. My acne before I got my current treatments was moderate/severe now it is more mild with red marks. I hope I continue to make progress but If not it is nice to know that accutane is an option. My skin type is fair not to sensitive, oily if I am not on spironolactone I weight 120 pounds and I am five foot three. So I did the math and the maz dosage for me would be 60 mg. If any of you all could tell me anything I again would appreicate it. I know several people who took this drug and it helped them very much. I do have a heart condition but my cardiologist told me it would be fine to take accutane just don't get pregnant, DUH. Also I read the success rate is between 70-85% are cured after one course, I got this from my doctor and more than one scource so I am not wrong. I have seen before and after pictures and I am just amazed at the progress people make. If you have postive experiences please tell me, I know enough about the negitive stories. I am a happy ending person and I like people who are optimistic so I keep praying no matter what I do my acne will be healed either now or with accutane. I am also nineteen years old if that gives you any more info.
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