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Minocycline Day 13

Hey guy I've been on Minocycline before with unbelievable success. I stopped after 5 months, remained clear for another 2 months, then it all started coming apart; large zit here, cyst there. Eventually my face was returning to its old ways so I went to my derm and we've decided on doing a long course Minocycline, maybe a year or two. Any ways I have decided to log my experience. I'm sorry it's a little late, I'm on day 13. Just as with what happened the first time, I got an AWFUL initial breakout. Broke out in spots I never do. The only thing that is getting me through this is memories of how clear I was just a few months ago. By now, my active pimples are diminishing but I am covered in post acne hyperpigmentation. Any suggestions? Keep following guys I'm going to give updates every day or every few days. THanks!