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My acne.... not so bad. My habit of picking at it is... Here's my Mission log on Stopping the Cycle

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Day 3!

Day 3 of no acne picking, and my skin is looking good. It's the3rd day so it's picture day, but it's late and I'm afraid I'll have to do that tomorrow. I'm really hungry right now, bu I can't eat anything because I have to take my antibiotic for my acne, and I won't be able to eat for an hour after I take it. Well, Friday tomorrow! And football game. I'm super excited. I'm also super excited about this year's musical. My audition was today. Singing portion, no sweat.. the dancing part.. eh not so great. I've never had to do tap before!!!

E. Foxx

E. Foxx



Day 2.

It's day two of the Chill Out program for me, and the first day of school. I didn't do too bad, but I could have done better. I was good up until math for the most part, which is second to last class of the day... and I popped the little sucker. It was little, as was the other little zit I got later. But I didn't mess with them. Well the first I did a bit, but not much, I stopped myself. I didn't dig, or sit in front of the mirror at all, looking for my next victim, as I usually do. No, I controlled myself enough to stop. Luckily I'm on an antibiotic for the acne, and It'll help a bunch if I don't feel and bumps on my face during class when I'm bored. :/ Well, tomorrow is day three and picture day. Every 3 days I'm taking a picture of myself to check my progress Maybe I'll post them here???

E. Foxx

E. Foxx



Hey all!!

Hey, everyone! I was looking up stuff on acne, when I found acne.org, and boy was I glad I did. My acne itself isn't terrible, but the urge to pick at the red spots and bumps is what I really struggle with. I'm starting the "Chill Out" program Dan has to offer. I think I may print out the reasons page where you write down how this bad habit makes you feel, and how you would be different if you stopped. So I want you guys to keep me accountable. I'm trying a couple different tactics to get myself to Chill Out. The first is self-monitoring. Where one writes down the times they pick or tempted to pick. the second step is to develop a competing response. This is finding a habit to replace the skin picking. So, if I'm about to start squeezing some zit., I would stop, write it down. (i have a little notepad), and then execute my competing response. I have a rubber band to play with and a worry stone. (Dan recommends putting your fist out in front of you or at your side. (I'd do side in a public place.) And continue to execute the competing response for about a minute. Dan's step 5 is to find a social network for support. (That's you guys!!) Dan also suggests, writing in the emotional and physical effects of acne forum. Well, all, Hopefully this works. If it does, Thank you, Dan in advance. E. Foxx

E. Foxx

E. Foxx


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